When it’s too humid, there’s nothing we want more than for it to get a little bit drier. But once the weather dries out a bit too much, we want the humidity back! If you travel a lot, you’ll realize that some places can be a lot drier than you’re used to. Where’s that good ol’ humidity when you need it?

This is why it’s so great that humidifiers exist. They can make dry spaces feel a lot more comfortable in minutes. But those aren’t usually the most portable things, are they? Luckily, there are humidifiers that are great for travel! This article will show a whole bunch of them to you.

crowded hot place
Travelling is great, but being stuck in a dry environment isn’t!

Once you have a good travel humidifier, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable on your trips. Your skin will thank you for it!

Are you ready to see the best humidifiers for travel? Let’s get right into it.

Best Humidifiers for Travelling

Best Full-Size USB Humidifier

AFROG Portable Mini Humidifier

USB has become such a common thing. You can find it on computers, TVs, in cars, and even wall sockets. A humidifier that you can power by USB is great for travel. You don’t need to worry about all the different types of plugs for different countries.

The humidifier can hold 260mls, which is a little small, but makes it nice and portable. Its compact size lets you pack it among your luggage without a worry. It’s easy to fill too, and even comes with a sensor that will shut it off once it runs out of water.

Depending on how dry your location is, you have two mist choices you can select from. You can set it to spray non-stop for 5 hours. This is great for when it’s dry and you want rapid humidity in the space. Otherwise, you can choose to have it spray and stop at intervals for eight hours. This will keep the humidity lower. It will also help the water in it last longer.

Pros Cons
It is very portableIts capacity is on the small side
USB power means you can power it almost anywhere
Two spraying modes
Night light is a nice bonus
It is inexpensive

Our Verdict

If you need a humidifier that ‘just works’ for travel, then this is a safe bet. The capacity is a little small, so it might not be the best for large rooms. But that capacity lets it remain compact and portable. And with USB, it is easy to find a power source.

Some users notice the device doesn’t power on after they get it. You need to let the cotton wick inside soak after filling, so you’ll need to wait about 10 minutes.

This doubles as a night light too, so if that is something that you travel with, this will help you pack a bit lighter.

There’s no official warranty on this, but for the price, I wouldn’t complain. You get a lot of value for so little money.

Best Travel Humidifier for a Car

Geniani Erie Humidifier

Finding a travel humidifier isn’t hard. It’s finding a good one, and one that is perfect for your own use that is tough. For instance, which one would work best in a car?

Enter the Geniani Erie. This humidifier is small, with a 250ml capacity. But that’s exactly what makes it small enough to fit into a cup holder in a car.

It runs off USB power as well, so that means that powering it in a car is easy as powering it anywhere else. The dry air of some places won’t keep away from you inside a car after all. The design is cool too, so it won’t look out of place in your vehicle either.

This comes with a continuous and intermittent mist mode, so you can get the kind of humidity you need in no time. You’ll get up to 8 hours of use from this with a single fill, which is enough to get a good night’s sleep.

Pros Cons
It is compact enough for carsThe capacity is small
USB power makes this easy to use anywhereMore expensive than the model above
Two mist modes
Has a night light
Quiet operation

Our Verdict

Keeping design aside, this humidifier is like the AFROG model above. They’re almost the same size, with two modes, USB powered, and come with a night light. The biggest difference is this one costs almost 50% more (at the time of writing!).

The design and compact body are a bonus to the Geniani model. It’ll fit easily in a car, something the AFROG might not be able to boast.

One clear difference is that you get a one-year warranty with this. That peace of mind is a major win for some people, knowing that they’re covered in case of any problems. If that’s you, choose this one over the other.

Best Space-Saving Humidifier

TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

The humidifiers so far have focused on their compact build at the cost of capacity. This makes them perfect for travelling. If you need something larger, then this TaoTronics model is the choice.

It’s harder to move around, but you can still get it around. Despite a capacity of 1.8L, it maintains a slim form factor. With that much water, it can run for a max of 24 hours and a minimum of 8. That’s impressive when you consider that the smaller ones top off at 8.

You can control how much humidity you want with the dial. This is a feature that makes it possible to get the room to feel exactly how you want it. Thanks to this, you can use it for any size of room without it getting too dry or too wet.

It also includes a nozzle that you can point to face any direction, without moving the device. It will also shut off on its own if it runs out of water, or if you remove the tank.

Pros Cons
Unique vase shape is appealingA bit big for easy travel
Mist dial allows for precise controlRuns only on 110V power, so not suited for Europe and some other countries
360-degree nozzle makes this flexible
Capacity is large
Operates almost silent

Our Verdict

This humidifier is portable, but not as much as the smaller models. Their capacity holds them back, and they won’t do as good a job in larger rooms. That’s where this device shines.

The mist dial and rotatable nozzle that it comes with give you control over your humidity. This will help humidify any room you’re in at exactly the rate that you want.

There is an intake on the bottom. So, it is important to avoid placing this on any surface that might cause that to get blocked. This includes carpets and beds.

TaoTronics has an 18-month warranty on all their humidifiers. That of course, includes this one.

Best Travel Stick Humidifier

Ourry Portable Stick Humidifier

For some folks, a humidifier is a must when moving to dry places. If you don’t have space for even a 250ml model, then this is going to be a dream come true for you!

This stick humidifier doesn’t come with its own tank. All you do is stick the bottom in water, make sure the top isn’t in the water too, and that’s it. This means its capacity is only as small (or large) as the container you place it in.

You can set it to two heights, either about 14cm or 21.5cm. This means you can place it in almost a jar or glass that you find.

It works with USB, but if it didn’t, I’d be surprised! It is clear that portability is the number one win with this. USB power helps support that.

Pros Cons
Price is affordableSmall size limits its mist intensity
Very portable
Adjustable height helps make any container compatible
Runs off USB

Our Verdict

With this kind of design, you’d have a very hard time finding a humidifier more portable than this one. It gets rid of the tank, which helps keep the footprint as small as possible. This makes it perfect for travel.

It’ll have a hard time humidifying large space, but it’s not built for that with its size. It is best for cars or other small rooms.

The wicks it comes with may need replacing every few months. And before use, you’ll need to make sure the wick is fully soaked.

You get a one-year warranty on this, which is nice to see considering the price.

Best Battery Humidifier

Ourry Battery Powered Humidifier

A battery-powered humidifier? I bet that’s something you weren’t expecting to see here. I’ve been praising all the USB-powered options, but a battery-powered one is another level. There’s nowhere you can’t use this, as long as you have juice!

This humidifier comes with a 1L tank which you can fill straight from the top. To control the amount of mist it sprays, you can choose between it using one or two holes to blow mist through.

The fact that you can unplug this is a major win. You don’t need to be right by a socket or USB port. You can place this on your desk far away from any of those. With the battery alone, it can run for up to 12 hours, which is plenty. Yet you can still use it when plugged in!

Perhaps the biggest win for this is its versatility, especially for travel. Not only do you get a humidifier, but a 3600mAh power bank. You can use the battery in this to charge any of your devices via USB.

Pros Cons
Battery power offers great versatilityA larger battery would have been a big boost
Capacity is sizeable
Runs very quietly
Charges through USB

Our Verdict

Thanks to the battery that this packs inside, you can travel with this to places that don’t have electricity. And the fact it doubles as a power bank will be perfect for emergency situations.

The tank is a good size and the humidifier itself is compact with that considered. It doesn’t spray at a rate high enough for large rooms, but it works great for more modest spaces.

This humidifier comes with a warranty for one year, which is definitely appreciated. It doesn’t cost that much money after all.

Best Humidifier with Amazing Design

Fanximan SH02 Humidifier

Humidifiers have become functional devices. Many people don’t care about how they look. Only that they get the job done. Nothing stops them from being attractive and getting the room humidified though.

This battery-powered humidifier from Fanximan doesn’t let its good looks get to its head. You can take it with you anywhere. It resembles a record player, which is a very nice touch. The pastel color tone on the top helps it stand out even more.

Putting its looks to the side, its functionality does not suffer. It has a small display that shows its battery percentage. There’s also a dial that lets you switch it between any of four modes. With two nozzles on top, this works well.

And of course, I didn’t mention one thing. It has a 4000mAh battery inside and you can use it away from a socket for up to 9 hours thanks to its 1.3L tank inside.

Pros Cons
Very quietIt can not be used as a power bank
Capacity is well-sizedDoes not run as long as the Ourry above
Its design is very attractive
Charges to full in 2 hours
One of the quietest humidifiers on the list

Our Verdict

It is great that this has a large battery in it, but it would have been nice if it could have doubled as a power bank. It is also disappointing that with a larger battery and tank, it still doesn’t run as long as the Ourry model.

That aside, this is a good humidifier for travel. It is small with ample capacity, and you don’t need to be beside a power source to use it. It’ll last long enough to take most people through the night too.

If you forget that the battery-powered Ourry model exists, then this is a great buy. It works well whether you use it in a car or a cabin room. You don’t need electricity to enjoy this.

Finding A Good Travel Humidifier

There’s a lot of difference between what you want from a home humidifier and a travel one. The one in the corner of your house isn’t going anywhere. If it is, then it’s room to room. It can be a 4L model and no one will bat an eye!

If you are going to need to be doing traveling with it, that won’t work, of course. You’ll need something with a bit more portability than that. Portability isn’t the only thing to consider either.

Here are some of the most important things to look out for when searching for a good travel humidifier:

  • You can power it almost anywhere. There are two main voltage ranges used in the world. North America tends to use a voltage around 110V, while Europe and some other regions opt for 220V. If you plug a North American appliance that only uses 110V into a socket in Europe, it’ll get damaged. No one wants to have no humidifier because of something like that.
    • This means that you can plug them in anywhere in the world without worry. This is commonly seen in things like laptop adapters. They will do all the work of converting the voltage to the appropriate one for the appliance. Unfortunately, the only humidifier that uses the mains power on this list use only 110V. You can use a step-down transformer when in those countries, but those are heavy.
    • They use USB. No matter where you go in the world, USB is USB. This makes it a great power source for travel appliances. You can find it in so many places and you don’t need to worry about voltage and all that. Apart from the full-sized humidifier, the other 5 on this list can use USB power.
    • They run off battery power. You can completely leave ports behind if you go for one that has its own juice inside. You will have to charge them at some point, to be fair, which is why you can be glad they use USB for that. That’s the best of both worlds.
  • It is portable enough for you. Different people have different needs when it comes to portability. Before you pull the trigger on any humidifier, make sure it’ll have space in your backpack or suitcase.
  • It can double as something else. When travelling, packing light is important. The more things that your humidifier can keep out of your suitcase, the better. If you need a night light, then the AFROG and Geniani model here will double as that. If it’s a power bank, then the battery-powered Ourry will work great! That’s one less thing to carry, so it helps!
  • Its capacity is enough to run through a night. A lot of people love their humidifiers for keeping away the dry air as they sleep. You want to be sure that even the smallest travel humidifiers will last you at least through 8 hours of sleep. All models on this list can do that, though the AFROG only achieves it with intermittent misting.

Do humidifiers kill germs and viruses?

They can help prevent you from getting sick, but they do not actively kill microorganisms. So how do they help, you ask?

Basically, when air is too dry, it can irritate your airways. This can cause inflammation or breaks in the tissue lining your airways. When this happens, it makes it easier for germs and viruses to infect you and cause illness.

It is also likely that viruses can survive better in dry air than humid air. While your humidifier won’t directly kill them, it’ll make it harder for them to survive.

What areas of the world are the driest?

As a general rule, countries close to the equator tend to be dry. This includes many places in South America, north Africa, and the Middle East. Of course, that’s not a definite rule, but many of the countries I am about to list have that in common. Here are some of the countries where you’d best bring your travel humidifier along!

  • Algeria
  • Chile
  • Egypt
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Peru
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates


Before you take that trip to a dry region, you should have you travel humidifier handy and ready to go. The size of the room you’ll be staying in is important as some may work well bedside, but not be able to fill up a room. It all depends on exactly what you need.

The best overall for me is the battery-powered Ourry. It has a good water capacity, can last very long, and doubles as a power bank. Those are all major wins.

The Ourry stick humidifier is a good option when you want to pack extra light, but its misting ability is a low. The TaoTronics humidifier gives you a lot of control. But it is larger than the others, and it only plugs in with mains electricity.

But no one knows what they need better than you! I hope that this has been able to help you choose a travel humidifier that will keep the dry air away!

I appreciate you reading this to the very end! You can take a look at some of the related articles I have put below if you want to learn more!