Sometimes a hot cup of joe is all you need to get your day started.

But making one every day can take up time. Always filling the kettle and waiting for it to boil can quickly rack up in lost time when you’re trying to start a busy day.

Instead, hot water dispensers can give you near-instant hot water that’s perfect for making coffees and teas.

That being said – there’s a ton of hot water dispensers out there! It’s hard to know which one, which is why I’ve written this guide. After reviewing dozens of models, I’ve narrowed the list down to the best hot water dispensers that you can see below.

If that sounds good, then let’s dive in to the reviews.

The Best Hot Water Dispensers for Coffee

Best Water Warmer

Zojirushi Micom Water Boiler

This hot water dispenser from Zojirushi will give you a hot beverage in an instant, and it all comes in a nice portable form. Thanks to the handle on top, it is easy to carry around. It won’t look bad when you’re doing that either, thanks to the stainless-steel finish.

This water heater can store up to 4L of water, which will make multiple cups of coffee or tea in a day. You probably won’t be able to finish the contents in a day without help from others.

This comes with a number of other features to make using it more convenient. For instance, you can set a timer so that the water will be nice and hot before you even enter the room. If you don’t like your beverages extra hot, you can set it to keep the temperature at something lower. Thanks to the little display, this is even easier to do.

Zojirushi made this to make hot water dispensing as easy as possible. The transparent window on the front lets you know how much water remains. So, you’ll never be without a cup of joe when you need it the most.

Pros Cons
The outside of the dispenser doesn’t get too hotYou can’t turn off the sound
The capacity is large
The silver finish is attractive
Magnetic power plug makes this easy to disconnect for refills

Our Verdict

This hot water dispenser ticks all the major boxes that you need from a water dispenser. On top of that, it is very uncomplicated to use. Just a few buttons and a handful of minutes, and your water will stay hot for as long as you need it to.

However, it is important to note that a lot of issues that customers get from this dispenser are from the inside of the tank. Some complain that the lining peels off, while others end up with rusted units after some time. This is the minority, but it is important to keep this in mind when buying.

You get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, so if any of these problems do show up, then you’ll get covered. So that’s some form of protection from the possible problems you might have to face.

Overall, this is a solid hot water dispenser, and it should work for you either at home or in the office.

Best All-Round Hot Water Dispenser

InSinkErator HOT100 Dispenser System

This hot water dispenser isn’t quite the portable type. It fits under the sink and it comes with a faucet so you can get your water without worry. There’s not much to stay about the looks of the tank. You won’t be seeing that much after all. The faucet, on the other hand, comes in two finishes. You can get the shiny chrome one, or the satin nickel finish.

The tank that does the heavy lifting comes with a capacity that is two-thirds of a gallon. It has a dial that lets you set the temperature of the hot water so you can always get it exactly how you want it. And then when you need it, simply turn the tap and it comes out at the exact temperature you need it.

This is useful because you can use it not only to make beverages, but to clean dishes or cook ramen. Plus, installing it is easy and won’t need any special tools. You can do it all by yourself!

You won’t get any incredibly fancy added features with this. You set the temperature and the water will come out at exactly that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Pros Cons
You can install the tank without fancy toolsThe button you press to dispense waster can sometimes get stuck when on
The faucet finishes are good-looking
Setting the desired temperature is simple

Our Verdict

If you need a hot water dispenser for home, then you can’t go wrong with this. It is a bit on the costly side, but it gets the job done well.

There is one very common issue that occurs with the faucet on this unit. It uses a button which you press down to dispense the hot water. However, thanks to a rubber O-ring beneath the button, it can sometimes get stuck in the on position. This can be dangerous due to the temperature of the water.

One quick fix to this is simply to remove the O-ring. It will take a bit of hands-on skill, but you shouldn’t find it too hard to get done. Most users have it working perfectly once they do that..

There is a limited warranty available for one-year. The best part about this warranty though, is the fact that service agents will come to you! You don’t need to worry about disconnecting your tank and shipping it anywhere.

If you’re ready to do a little modification to get this working seamlessly, it might be worth it for you. Regardless, it is a little pricey, so this is important to keep in mind.

Best Heavy-Duty Hot Water Dispenser

Ready Hot Instant Hot Water Dispenser

If you are looking for another option of hot water dispenser that fits under your sink, then this is a good option. Constructed of stainless steel pretty much entirely, this dispenser is heavy-duty. You can keep your fears of rust away with this one.

You get a capacity of two-thirds of a gallon with this, which should last you a number of uses. It wouldn’t have been bad if it could be a little bigger, especially as you don’t need to move it around.

There are many options for this unit. You can buy the tank on its own without a faucet. You can also get it with a faucet, but either one with one lever or two. And then you can get the faucet in either a chrome or brushed nickel finish.

This tank is rather easy to install. It comes with a safeguard to shut it off in case it begins to overheat. You won’t come back to find your kitchen on fire, thanks to this. It is easy to adjust the temperature, and an indicator light will tell you once the water has heated up. You can also opt for the version with a digital display. This helps you set the perfect temperature each time.

Pros Cons
Two options for the tank and many faucet optionsRather expensive
The stainless-steel heating coil and outlets are more durable
Setting the temperature is easy
The faucet has a safety lock

Our Verdict

This is a competitive alternative to the under-sink hot water dispenser above. It is a bit more expensive than that one, but they basically get the same job done. You do have peace of mind with this considering it is stainless-steel and it doesn’t use a button.

You get a variety of options with the faucet, so you can choose one that fits your needs perfectly. If you get the digital display version, you get very fine control for the water temperature. The faucet also has a safety lock so you can be safer around children.

You get a three-year warranty on the tank and a one-year warranty on the faucet. This is important to note because many might assume that the three-year warranty covers the faucet as well! No need for angry phone calls when you know this beforehand.

If you want an under-sink model, then this is a good alternative to the InSinkErator model. It is more expensive, but it should last longer and turning on the faucet won’t give you any problems.

Best Standalone Hot Water Dispenser

Vitapur Hot and Cold-Water Dispenser

Not everyone wants a hot water dispenser that fits on a table or one that you have to install under a sink. These people are usually on the lookout for a standalone model. This option from Vitapur is a solid one.

This one will need its own space in the room thanks to its size. It looks good with those stainless-steel panels, so that’s not too much of a worry. Considering its size, this might be best if you’re setting up a space or a location where multiple people might want to drink water.

The fact is, different people have different taste. Some might want cold water, while others will want hot. Some might be fine with settling for lukewarm. This can do all of that, luckily enough. It works off big 5-gallon water canisters and doesn’t have a built-in tank.

For places where you’ll have a lot of people drinking different kinds of drinks, this is a great buy. And even if you want it for home, you’ll find it to be extremely convenient.

Pros Cons
The versatile temperature options are greatVery expensive
Support for 5-gallon bottles will have it last daysCan get loud when cooling
Bottom load system is less strenuous
You can set how cold you want cold water to be

Our Verdict

If you have a large family, this standalone water dispenser is a very good choice. If you need a dispenser for the office or workplace, this is equally up to the task.

One common issue that many buyers have is with the pump. It doesn’t seem to be able to hold up for too long, which is a shame considering the price. It is covered by the one-year warranty, but if it fails outside that window, you’ll be left with no option.

However, despite this potential risk, this water dispenser satisfies most customers. It’s easy to see why considering how much it can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hot water dispensers filtered?

It depends, but no, not necessarily. You’ll need to look for a model that specifically has a filter built into it. None of the hot water dispensers on this list have filters. The addition of one tends to make things a tad more expensive though.

Are instant hot water dispensers worth it?

Do you love drinking tea or coffee? If you need your hot beverages in an instant, then they are absolutely worth it.

They will make things so much more convenient for you if hot coffee is your thing. If you don’t have a hot water dispenser, you’ll need to grab an electric kettle or put one on the stove each time you want a cup of hot joe! That’s a lot of time wasted, especially if you have work to do.

One of these will keep your water hot, so brewing a new drink won’t take more than a minute or two. That’s a major timesaver.

How does a hot water dispenser work?

When you put water into a hot water dispenser, it gets heated up by a heating element, the same way it would work in a kettle. The difference is that a hot water dispenser keeps the water at this temperature.

This is basically due to the fact that the heating element is controlled by a thermostat. This thermostat will turn the heating element on and off as needed to make sure that the temperature remains stable.

This is exactly why it is superior to making hot water each time. It is a tank of hot water just ready for you to come and use it!


If you need your coffee brewed and ready to go in an instant, then a hot water dispenser can be a great solution for you.

These will save you a lot of time if you drink a lot of coffee or tea. And if you’ve got a big family or team, then it’ll surely be more convenient than everyone boiling water separately. Plus, you can use it for things apart from hot beverages, making it more versatile.

My top choice here is the Zojirushi model. The reason for this is simple. It holds 4L, which is substantial. It is portable, with a fold down handle. It looks good. And it is the cheapest on the list!

The Ready Hot under-sink hot water dispenser is another solid choice. If you prefer the convenience of a model that you can install with ease, and that you don’t need to worry much about afterwards, this is a top choice.

In the end though, it is most important that you find a hot water dispenser that ticks all your boxes and stays in your budget. Hopefully you have found one like that on this list!

Now that you have read this all the way to the end, I hope you have learned a thing or two. Thank you for reading so far down! If you’re interested, you can take a look at some of the related articles below to learn more.