After a long day, there’s nothing better than relaxing on the patio.

The one thing that ruins it, though? A cold breeze! There’s nothing that will send me and family back inside quicker than the cold.

Thankfully, hanging patio heaters are a great solution. They provide plenty of heat, encourage everyone to huddle in close, and take up zero floor space.

Patio heaters come in various types, so we’ll be discussing the best hanging patio heaters in this article.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Quick Patio Heater Buyer’s Guide

Before you compare different models, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind:

Type of Heater

There are two types of heaters: electric and gas-powered.

If you choose electric, you’ll need to place it close to a power source, or use extension cords to bring the power socket close to the heater. You’ll need quite a lot of wiring to install it properly.

Gas-powered patio heaters require a gas outlet or gas bottles. However, they need replacing every now and then, which is an additional expense and chore.

Heating Area

Similar to indoor heaters, patio heaters also heat up a specific area. However, hanging patio heaters are also subject to air, so they have to work harder to heat up the same area.

Make sure you have an idea of the space you need to heat up, as well as the heating capacity of your heater. This is so you don’t end up buying a smaller or larger heater than needed.


Safety is a major concern when you consider buying hanging patio heaters. They’re attached to a beam or the ceiling of your patio, and a small malfunction can be disastrous.

Therefore, you should choose a heater that has suitable safety features and can turn off if left unattended for a long time.

Hanging vs Wall Infrared Heaters

Although I’m focusing on hanging patio heaters in this article, it’s important to discuss the difference between a hanging and a wall patio heater.

Their name gives away the main difference between them: the style of installation.

Most of the features are quite similar, including their heating abilities. When it comes to cost, hanging patio heaters are less costly than wall infrared heaters.

However, when you think about their coverage area, wall-mounted heaters are more efficient.

When it comes to features, both include timers, built-in thermostats, overheating or tipping protection.

So, if you’re looking to choose between the two, it boils down to the area you wish to cover, as well as which one would be more convenient to install.

Now that we’ve discussed everything in detail, let’s have a look at the best hanging patio heaters that are on my radar.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Hanging Patio Heaters

Best Hanging Heater With Variable Power Options

EPROSMIN Electric Patio Heater

Keeps you warm outdoors

The EPROSMIN hanging patio heater is an electric heater that comes with three variable power options. This makes it one of the most versatile and useful patio heaters out there.

It consists of 3 halogen lamps that heat up instantly and provide you with sufficient heat.

This heater has a durable circular base that also serves as tip-over protection. Its power is cut off the moment it gets tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.

The best part is that you can easily install it yourself within 5 minutes, and it’s held up by a durable hook and chain.

Pros Cons
Comes with three variable power levelsNot appropriate for bigger patios
Can be turned on or off with a pull wire
Aluminum body makes it suitable for outdoor use
Affordable and eco-friendly

Our Verdict

This hanging patio heater can be a valuable addition to your backyard, or garden.

It keeps the environment toasty enough to allow you to sit comfortably, especially in cold weather.

Plus, it also consumes less energy than other variants, making it energy efficient. However, if you’re looking to warm up a larger area, this isn’t for you.

Best All-Round Hanging Patio Heater

Outdoor Patio Electric Heater

Perfect for large spaces

Now here’s a hanging patio heater that can cover a larger area. It comes with two power modes, allowing you to cycle between 750W and 1500W.

It has a waterproof aluminum casing that’s durable and protects it against harsh weather.

Moreover, it uses high-quality copper wire to deliver stable and uninterrupted power. It has a pull wire to turn it on and off.

The heater is hung using a durable chain. It has a mountaineering buckle on top, which holds it firmly and keeps it from swaying with the wind.

This hanging patio heater is also energy-efficient and has a noiseless operation, so it doesn’t disturb you while you’re talking, studying, or working.

Pros Cons
Its height can be adjustedHas to be kept low if too many people are sitting
Its waterproof coating makes it suitable for use in open air
Has an easy and quick installation

Our Verdict

This hanging patio heater is another strong contender. You can use it if you spend a great deal of time on your patio.

It can cover a large area, which makes it suitable for small gatherings. Moreover, you can also adjust its height according to the level of heat you require.

Best Hanging Patio Heater With 5 Modes

PATIOBOSS Ceiling Patio Heater with LED Light

The boss of all patio heaters!

This hanging patio heater has a unique and attractive design that makes it look like something from the future.

Its sleek body is dust and waterproof, as well as maintenance-free. The PATIOBOSS Electric Hanging Patio Heater has two halogen tubes that warm up quickly.

Moreover, it also has 5 different heating modes you can choose from. There’s a sleek little digital display that outputs the mode and power indicator light.

It comes with a remote control, so you don’t have to reach up to turn it on or off.

This hanging patio heater also doubles as an LED light. So you don’t need any other light in your patio in the evening or nighttime.

Plus, it comes with a 24-hour timer that helps save energy. It also has auto shut-off if you forget to turn it off.

Pros Cons
Suspended by strong steel wiresThe power cord isn’t too long
Has an explosion-proof net to secure halogen tubes
Has 5 different heating modes

Our Verdict

The PATIOBOSS hanging patio heater is a nice and nifty machine to keep your patio warm and comfortable.

Plus, it provides a lot of versatility in terms of its LED light and variable power options.

However, its design may prevent it from dispersing 360-degree heat, which defeats the whole purpose, especially if you install it too high.

Best Domed Patio Heater

DONYER POWER 1500W Outdoor/Indoor Electric Patio Heater

Elegant finish and powerful heating

The DONYER POWER electric hanging patio heater has an aluminum dome-shaped casing. It’s IPX4 waterproof rating makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can hang it in your patio, backyard, garden, or even your deck. It has two variable power settings: 750W and 1500W.

This patio heater utilizes the heating power halogen tubes to warm up a large space quickly. Its noiseless operation allows you peace and quiet for studying, working, or just reflecting on life.

The heater is held up by a 1-meter chain that’s sturdy and durable. It can be easily installed in no time at all. You can buy this product in black or copper colors.

Pros Cons
Has two variable power settingsDifficult to turn on and off with pull wire if hanged too high
Has a protective metal grill to keep halogen tubes in place
Lightweight and easy to carry

Our Verdict

This hanging patio heater is a safe and efficient option for your home. It’s also environmentally safe as it generates no harmful gases.

Plus, its installation is a breeze and comes with all the components you’ll need. The only downside, it doesn’t come with a remote control, but that’s okay if your heater hangs low.

Most Modern Hanging Patio Heater

Electric Patio Heater Outdoor - Ceiling Mounted Heater 1500W with Remote Control and LED Lamp

Equipped with advanced heating tech

This hanging patio heater from FLAMEMORE is one of the most modern and elegant-looking patio heaters you’ll find!

It’s equipped with a carbon fiber tube that warms up the surroundings quickly. It also comes with 3 power modes, 600W, 900W, and 1500W.

It comes with a durable hook and chain, and can be installed in a few minutes. It also has a remote control so even if it hangs high, you won’t have any trouble turning it on and off.

The heater also has a powerful LED light in the middle. This provides enough lighting to keep your patio illuminated.

Moreover, this hanging patio heater is also lightweight, weatherproof, and energy-efficient as it doesn’t burn any gases or other fuel sources.

Pros Cons
Has a modern design and easy installationNot powerful enough for very cold weather
Weatherproof design makes it suitable for open air
Provides all-around heating for a large area

Our Verdict

The FLAMEMORE electric hanging patio heater is a durable and powerful product. It’s perfect for installing in your patio, gazebo, backyard, garden, or anywhere outdoors.

Its variable heat settings make it suitable for different weather conditions. However, it doesn’t work too well in low temperatures, but you’re mostly indoors at that point, so it doesn’t really matter.

Best 3-Panel Hanging Patio Heater

ART TO REAL Electric Patio Parasol Umbrella HeaterART TO REAL Electric Patio Parasol Umbrella Heater

A safe and eco-friendly heater

If one panel isn’t enough to keep you warm, try 3! The ART TO REAL electric hanging patio heater is a powerful device that heats up to 5100 BTUs.

It has 3 variable heat settings between 500W and 1500W. It’s suitable for heating up an area of 12 sq. ft. easily.

This hanging patio heater is equipped with halogen bulbs. These are a powerful heat source and are also shock-resistant.

Although it needs to be installed around a pole, you can fit it to any small pillar in your patio. It has a foldable design, which makes the panels collapse when turned off.

This patio heater is also eco-friendly and safe to use, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pros Cons
Has a foldable 3-panel designCan be dangerous if fixed to the pole or pillar inside patio
Weather and dust-resistantNot suitable for larger space
Has a carbon fiber cover that stays cool

Our Verdict

This hanging patio heater is great to have in your gazebo or backyard. However, it does require a pole to be attached to.

You can also make it work on your patio, but it requires a little more work and can be slightly dangerous too. Otherwise, it’s a good patio heater that warms up a small space efficiently.


Hanging out in your patio, garden, or backyard is a nice way to relax or destress after a hard day’s work.

When you have a hanging patio heater installed, there’s no stopping you from enjoying outside even in the cold.

I hope this article helps you choose the best hanging patio heater.

Choose one that not only suits your patio, but also provides sufficient warmth according to the space you have and the number of people who commonly sit there.

Thank you for reading, and have a fantastic day!