The 5 Best Hand Coffee Grinders for Barista-Level Homebrews

Researched & Written by Naomi

Ever find yourself buying ground coffee in bulk. Only to find that you cannot make use of it all before it loses its defined flavour? Here, at Appliance Analysts, we have found a great solution to this for all coffee lovers. Introducing, the hand coffee grinder. An invention that will certainly put your coffee waste worries behind.

We have researched the best and most reliable products for the role of grinding down the perfect amount of coffee, whilst retaining its rich taste and inciting scent. Whether you are looking for the most value for money or the highest quality coffee bean grinding result, we will be going over some of the most important factors when it comes down to choosing the perfect hand coffee grinder for your specific needs. Choosing to use a hand coffee grinder over automated ones does take more manual effort, and may be slightly more time consuming, but it lets you produce the finest quality coffee bean taste experience that is so much more rewarding!

Our Quick Recommendation

If you are looking for an all rounder hand coffee grinder that is suitable and affordable but also stylish we recommend that you check out the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. This hand coffee grinder is at the top of our list, for further information please check out our first product on our top picks section.

Important Features


Maintenance and cleaning with these appliances is made easy, with only a few parts usually consisting of the handle, grinding chamber cover, grinding chamber and a single container where the freshly hand ground coffee beans will be collected ready for use.


The handle is one of the most important parts when it comes to usability, you want something that will be easy to turn without straining your hand and forearms, in some cases these will come as detachable and adjustable to suit every user.

Build quality and size

Also when it comes to build quality you will want something sturdy and stable that will stand its ground when the handle is being used so choose wisely on the size of the appliance you are buying, as you don’t want to choose a large capacity hand coffee grinder when you are usually only making coffee for yourself.

Hand coffee grinders also have their perks above the rest:

Convenient and easy to use

The fact that the hand coffee grinder can be used on the go while travelling or camping with the family this makes it more appealing to those who love travelling, but can’t go without their daily dose of high quality handmade coffee!

When using hand coffee grinders while out and about you may come across coffee shops that sell various kinds of coffee that may not appeal to you, especially when it comes down to the cost of high quality coffee these days.

This also makes coffee flasks and travel mugs the perfect counterpart to your appliance to enjoy great tasting coffee, you can make the required amount for the day to carry with you before you leave wherever you are.

Another reason why the hand coffee grinder is very easy to use you don’t need to waste time setting up the appliance, just measure out the amount of coffee beans you want and grind away!

Coffee bean taste quality

Using hand coffee grinders over other appliances such as the blade grinders as these have blades that usually crush and chop the coffee beans fast but also into an uneven and rougher tasting coffee. Hand coffee grinders on the other hand makes sure you get a top quality coffee using the perfect amount of beans at your pace.

Our Top Picks

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder
Our best top pick hand coffee grinder

This sleek and compact looking hand coffee grinder is at the top of our list for a number of reasons. It has an adjustable grind option including over 18 click settings giving you complete control over the texture of your coffee.

There are no batteries, power or annoying cords to get in your way of great tasting coffee, simply fill the compartment with the desired amount of coffee beans and start grinding.

It’s smaller and portable size makes it great for travelling and storage to give you the perfect amount of high quality coffee anywhere.

Simple to cleanSmall capacity
Minimal effort needed for grindingGrind quality isn't consistent
Stylish window is a nice addition
Fine powder quality coffee
Compact and easy to store

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality and compact grinder with multiple settings to bring the high quality taste of ground coffee beans to your home, or while out travelling. We recommend this product to satisfy your needs.

Inspero Trading Manual Coffee Grinder

Inspero Hand Coffee Grinder
Sturdy coffee grinder

Like most hand coffee grinders this one is very lightweight and portable and can be taken with you wherever you go. Being very easy to use and easy to clean makes it a great addition to anyone’s kitchen without causing too much extra work for that great tasting coffee.

Easy to clean and useTakes more effort to grind
High quality
Lightweight and portable

Our Verdict

This hand coffee grinder will give you the freshest coffee at any time you want. It’s sturdy and durable build quality is great for the family, this one is child friendly so you can let them help out too if they want!

KONA Manual Coffee Grinder

KONA Manual Coffee Grinder
Modern looking hand coffee grinder

This slim hand coffee grinder gives you the perfect amount of coffee for 2 people but can hold enough for 3 if required. It is made from industrial ceramic material which gives it a high corrosion and wear resistance that allows you to produce an even coffee texture. The burr is very easily adjusted so you can switch between making both coarse and fine coffee with ease.

Heavy duty handleSmall capacity
PortableFragile glass container
Easy to clean
Can also grind seed, grain and nut spices
Detachable handle

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a hand coffee grinder that will assist you in making your daily cup of morning coffee or enough for 2 for a quick catch up over lunch with a friend, this will exceed your expectations. It’s sturdy and high build quality will enable you to enjoy coffee after coffee.

Eugenys Premium Manual Coffee Grinder

Eugenys Premium Manual Coffee Grinder
Premium hand coffee grinder

Looking for a hand coffee grinder that gives you that authentic coffee taste any time even in the middle of the night while your household is fast asleep? This coffee grinder will give you piece of mind in the fact that it is super quiet while grinding.

The parts and materials are all great quality and comes with an eco-friendly plastic insert within the base container for ground coffee.

Compact and quietSmall capacity
Eco-Friendly material
Easy to clean
Simple to adjust coffee texture
Stylish look and feel

Our Verdict

We recommend this hand coffee grinder to all night owls who are searching for a way for their hand ground coffee fix without waking the household! It has fantastic build quality and is compact for easy storage and travelling.

Shanik Premium Quality Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder

Shanik Premium Quality Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder
Perfect gift option for coffee lovers

If you are looking for a fantastic premium product then take a look at this Shanik hand coffee grinder it is more unique than any other on this list. Firstly it comes with a measurable base which allows you to measure out the right amount of coffee without using an additional measuring device. The base also can be removed from the main compartment and then taken on the go with an air tight lid to keep it fresher for longer.

Travel friendlySmaller capacity
High quality
Measuring base
Container for spare coffee
Easy to clean

Our Verdict

This hand coffee grinder would make the perfect gift for any coffee loving enthusiast with its already packaged stainless steel parts with a very stylish minimalist looking box.


We have shown you our top 5 selections for hand coffee grinders, each one has their own perks and advantages for different situations. All of these products we recommend very highly and we are confident that you will be able to find one perfect for your individual needs.