The Best Griddles Designed for Pancake Perfectionists

Researched & Written by Jonny

We love our pancakes well done. To get them just right to fantastic recipes, we require the right tools for the job. Griddles are fantastic tools to making the perfect pancake. But it’s important to know which griddles stands out from the rest! With that in mind, we’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve compared a large range of griddles and have constructed a comparison of the best griddles for pancakes below.

Important Factors To Note

Heres some factors to keep in mind when looking for the right griddle to fit your personal needs.


Overlooked yet essential. Make sure that the capacity of the griddle suits your needs. If you’re making pancakes fairly often. You may want to focus on a griddle that offers cooking large quantities of pancakes at a time. If you’re only cooking for pancake day, then you may want to stick with small, more traditional griddle.


Quality of the plate is something we just cannot overlook when trying to find the perfect griddle. You’ll want to make sure the plate is coated with a non-stick material, ensuring that your pancake is not ruined halfway through the cooking session.

Build quality

Build quality is key. Regardless of heavy/light usage, the griddle needs to have superb build quality, enabling it to last for the ages, and giving you the confidence you won’t be on on the market for a new griddle for a long time. Check for good quality plastics, and metal when shopping around for your griddle; appliances constructed with these materials generally follow with great build quality.

Cord Length

We’ll be talking about some electric appliances in this guide. So it’s important to note that checking the cord length of a griddle can be a life saver. You don’t want your griddle to arrive, only to find out it won’t fit in the place you set out for it. So keep this in mind when shopping about.

Our Recommendations

Best Electrical Solution:
BLACK+DECKER Family Sized Electric Griddle

Stylish, easy to use and easy to clean. A winning combination.

Black+Decker have forged a fantastic appliance which can handle a multitude of cooking tasks. With it’s affordable price and fantastic build quality, it really shines out from the rest. There is no doubt from us why this is Amazon’s Best Seller and the first product on our list.

Cleaning is another topic. Pancakes can create sticky messes when cooking, but this griddle comes with a fantastic non-stick surface.

As an added bonus; the griddle comes with included temperature adjustment. So you have full control in the duration / delicacy with your cooking.

Stress-free / Quick CleanupNot Designed For Large Pancakes
Temperature Control
Mass Cook Pancakes
2 Year Warranty

Our Verdict

Although it’s not designed for large pancakes, if you’re in the need for mass quantities of pancakes cooked with ease, then this griddle has you covered.

With its affordable price, and a 2 year warranty to boot. It’s understandable why this griddle is so popular.

Best Serving Griddle:
Oster DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray

Oaster Griddle with food ready to be served
Keeping our food and our hearts warm.

This Oster griddle comes with a beautiful solution to serving, with its subtle yet effective warming tray. Kids taking awhile to get out of the bed? Husband/Wife late from work? Designed with this in mind, the warming tray can save you a ton of hassle by keeping food warm with no extra effort.

The appliance comes with an alternative style with it’s DuraCeramic surface. Although different from your everyday appliance, this really makes it stand out from the rest in terms of design. To boot it has built in temperature control allowing you the ability to cook without limitation.

DuraCeramic Surface1 Year Warranty
Warming TrayNot Designed For Large Pancakes
Temperature Control
Unique Style

Our Verdict

With these smaller Electrical appliance comes slight limitation in how big of a pancake you can make, and the Oster griddle follows the same rule. But if you’re looking to mass cook pancakes, then this griddle is a perfect solution.

Unfortunately it is slightly let down by it’s 1 year warranty compared to the Black+Decker griddle above, but the griddle still has an affordable price. Making it very eye catching for ordinary the pancake lover.

Best Traditional Solution:
Lodge L9OG3 Cast Iron Round Griddle

Flip pancakes like theres no tomorrow

Amazons best seller in the traditional griddle category, the Lodge Round griddle is possible the most affordable and best option if you’re wanting to go down the traditional methods route.

With a full cast iron build, the we have no doubt that this is the sturdiest griddle on our list today, perfect for big pancakes this griddle is perfect for people who care more for quality then quantity and like to take time when cooking their pancakes.

Good For Large & Small PancakesTraditional Methods Take Longer For Mass Cooking
Full Cast Iron Build - Solid Build Quality

Our Verdict

This griddle is a fantastic and affordable tool, ready to serve you in your pancake-making quest. Just don’t let the pancake hit the ceiling when you go for that pancake flip!


A perfect list of Griddles which can cover a wide range of tasks. Just remember to keep an eye on our buyers guide if you’re interested in looking for a new griddle.

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