Whether you’re at home or at your business, you’ll know that keeping the place clean is very important. It doesn’t only keep your customers safe, but makes sure that your staff are working in a hygienic environment.

A lot of us default to a mop and broom when we think of ways to keep the floor clean. The thing is, while these can do a partially good job, they simply don’t do enough. For one, you’ll have to get down on your knees to scrub with a brush for tougher spots. And when you’re done, it might be cleaner, but it tends not to look spectacular.

Enter: the floor buffer. You must have seen these before, with the circular brush at the space that rotates to clean the floor. This is what you should be looking at if you want your floor to not only be clean, but to shine like a star too.

It can be tough knowing which one to buy though. There are so many models online and it’s not every day that you buy a floor buffer. To help, we’ve reviewed some of our top picks for different categories below.

Ready? Then let’s dive in.

Best Floor Buffers

Best Professional Floor Buffer

Viper Venom VN2015 Floor Buffer

If money is no problem for you, or you have to have the very best floor buffer by all means, I’d like to introduce you to the Viper VN2015. That’s a cool name, and even cooler when you hear that it is part of the Venom series.

What you get here is a floor buffer packing a whole 1.5HP motor. It is a low-speed buffer, so it rotates at 175RPM. That might not sound like much, but the cleaning all depends on the pad you’re using. Keeping the speed relatively low gives versatility. You will be able to buff, strip, and scrub, depending on the pad you use.

The body of this is made entirely of metal, so you can be sure you’re getting a very solid build. That seems to show up in the price, and it is the most expensive of all the buffers on the list.

This is a 20-inch model, so you get a wide cleaning path. All the controls you will need for an effective clean are right at your fingertips. None of those foot-activated controls!

Pros Cons
Has a wide cleaning pathVery expensive compared to others
All-metal constructionA little heavy to move around
All controls are on the handle segment
Operates off of a 1.5HP motor

Our Verdict

This is a very solid floor buffer. Built entirely of metal, with a gearbox made entirely of steel, this machine has some heft to it. It’s an attractive piece to look at though.

With all that metal, I’d love to say that the build quality is unrivaled, and for the most part it is. However, there is one common issue with the locking clamp near the base of the neck. It cracks very easily and that can be a major problem. For some users, it’ll make the buffer useless. If you have welding skills, you might be able to do something about it, but others should keep this issue in mind.

Fortunately, with that last problem, there’s a three-year warranty on this, so it’ll be easy to get replaced if you do end up with one of the units that this seems to be a problem for.

The price makes this prohibitive for many, but if you need this for a professional setting such as your business or warehouse, the large cleaning path makes it a great choice.

Best All-Rounder Floor Buffer

Oreck Orbiter ORB550MC Floor Buffer

This floor buffer from Oreck is one of those models that stands on its brush or driver without any wheels. It moves around on its brushing surface, which makes the name Orbiter make a bit more sense. It glides around thanks to this and is extremely easy to handle.

This Oreck buffer is a very versatile low-speed buffer. Whether you need to tackle hard floors or carpets, you can do that with this. Whether that’s scrubbing, polishing, or plain cleaning, it can do all of that.

It can’t face the Viper when it comes to its cleaning path. This is much smaller, with a cleaning path of just 13 inches. If you’re looking for a more compact model though, this should fit the bill nicely.

There’s a 50-foot cable that can be wound around the rear side of the neck quite easily. This gives you quite a bit of range away from any power outlets. All your controls are right at your fingertips too!

Pros Cons
Easily accessible controlsCleaning diameter is rather small
Can clean a variety of surfacesDoes not come with any pads or brushes
Cable is 50 feet long

Our Verdict

If you’ve got an entire warehouse that needs a good cleaning, this surely isn’t the tool for you. Well, unless you don’t mind spending hours getting the job done. The size of the brushes or pads you can put on this are rather small, so it’s best for spaces that aren’t as large.

It is a solidly built tool though, and it is sure to do the job excellently when it comes to it. You can use the same buffer for both carpet and hard floors, whether vinyl, wood, concrete or tiles.

There is a one-year warranty on this, and though it is not the most expensive of buffers, it is on the higher end in terms of price. A longer duration would have been a nice touch for this.

Overall, this is an extremely solid floor buffer. It can handle pretty much any kind of surface that you give it to clean, and though the cleaning area is small, it performs excellently. You probably won’t regret going for this one.

Best Value Floor Buffer

Boss B200752 470RPM Floor Scrubber

Not everyone is able to spend several hundreds of dollars, or nearly a thousand for that matter, on a floor buffer. It’s not easy to find very affordable ones but it is hard to know which of these will give you the quality that you need. I’ve solved that problem for you. It’s this one.

This buffer by Boss is a beast. For less than a Benjamin, you’ll be able to own this. Now, let me tell you what it can do.

First of all, you get a lightweight tool, weighing only 7lbs, which is very good for a buffer. It operates using two brushes as opposed to one, which a lot of others use. These cover about 10 inches in width.

You get a lot of accessories included straight out of the box. This includes a pair of brushes, two pairs of pads, and a pair of bonnets. These all work well for different surfaces, making this a versatile machine straight out of the box.

10 inches is rather small, which means this isn’t the best for huge spaces. The cord you get is only 18 feet too, which pales in comparison to others which do 50 feet. It operates at 470RPM and that’s the only speed. Keep this in mind if you were looking for a proper low-speed floor buffer. And the controls are activated with your feet.

But then, considering this is significantly cheaper than the others so far, you can’t hate on what you get.

Pros Cons
Very affordableThe power cord is relatively short
Comes with a lot of accessories out of the box Uses foot-activated controls
LightweightPad width is small
Can tackle a number of floors

Our Verdict

There are quite a few cons to this tool, but they aren’t dealbreakers and considering the price, they’re to be expected. It is more than three times less expensive than the last buffer, which means corners will be cut.

Despite that, you still get a very solid floor buffer. If you’re looking for a higher speed buffer, this should be just right for you, and you don’t need to break the bank to get it. It uses two pads for cleaning and it is extremely easy to move around.

Also, no need to buy any pads or brushes out of the box! You get a number of those straight up, which isn’t as generous as higher priced models.

Warranties on Boss tools last for a year. I won’t even complain, because that’s pretty good for the price.

This is the top choice if you need a buffer that will work and get the job done, while undercutting the competition.

Floor Buffer with the Best Attachments

Prolux Core Heavy-Duty Floor Buffer

Okay, when buying a floor buffer, a lot of people want to have options, especially when it comes to the attachments that they can use. In a house that has hardwood, carpeted parts, and concrete or tiles outside, you’ll want a buffer that is versatile. You get that with this Prolux floor buffer.

First of all, you can get this as either a 13-inch or a 15-inch model. This means you won’t be left wanting when it comes to size, especially if you need those extra inches. And if you don’t need a bigger model, you get to save some money in the process.

So, if you buy the 13-inch variant, you’ll only get a hard brush attachment. Same with one of the 15-inch options. However, there is another 15-inch option that comes with not only the hard brush, but a selection of multiple pads. This gives you that versatility you need to clean any kind of surface.

It costs quite a bit if you want to get all these attachments, but they’ll be there straight out of the box without compatibility issues. It operates at 150RPM, so if it was a low-speed buffer you were looking for, it is right here.

Pros Cons
Multiple options and accessoriesHighest variant is rather costly
The length of the neck is adjustableHeavy
Can clean many kinds of surfaces
Comes with a 50-foot cord

Our Verdict

If you want options, this has got options. The three choices you get with the Prolux Core cover a wide budget range. The top model is one of the more expensive ones on this list. Though not as high up there in price as the Viper that I showed you earlier.

This is very comfortable to use. The length of the cord means you have the freedom to move as you want, up until you’re 50 feet away from an outlet, which is rather far. Most people will find this to be perfectly sufficient.

When it comes to warranty, well, I sure have a smile on my face. The motor has a separate warranty from the rest of the machine. It goes for up to five years, showing the faith the company has that it won’t crap out on you. The rest gets a two-year warranty, which is not bad at all.

In general, this floor buffer should do you proud in almost any kind of setting. The 13-inch model might be a bit small for larger places, so the 15-inch option is there to make things a lot more efficient.

Best Spin Mop

iDOO Cordless Spin Mop

One thing about all the floor buffers that you have seen on this list so far is that they have no way to hold water or a cleaning solution. That’s one thing that a mop has. It holds water so it helps with the cleaning process. If you’re looking for something smack in the middle of a floor buffer and a mop, this it. This is the iDOO spin mop.

You get a whole lot of convenience when using this. First of all, you have two separate motors driving the mop heads at up to 220RPM. It has a tank that can store up to 300ml of water. The handle has a button for spraying so you can hit those tough spots easier. You can even add wax oil to the tank if you’re polishing hardwood!

There’s a light on the front of the base, to help you see into darker spots. The handle can be extended so a person of any height can use it comfortably. The mop head can pivot in multiple directions for when you need to get into tight spots. And it is cordless and quiet. Do you see why it is so easy to use this?

Pros Cons
Quite affordableDoesn’t come with a brush accessory
Pivoting head allows it to get into tight spotsThe water tank is small
Water tank makes cleaning and polishing much easier
Adjustable height makes it comfortable for anyone
Comes with two pairs of pads

Our Verdict

This is meant for the home, let me get that out of the way. If you need concrete or stained warehouse floors scrubbed, this won’t do it for you. If you need smooth floors at home or work cleaned or waxed, then we can sit down and have a chat.

Unlike other floor buffers where you might need to sprinkle or spray water manually, you can do that with the press of a button. It’s convenient and is built with a whole bunch of other options which make it so easy and comfortable to use. You could get a child to work it, with no problem.

The price is alright, so a one-year warranty is acceptable. The build quality is pretty good and it should hold up well even with daily use.

If you want to add a dash of tech to your floor cleaning routine at home, this is the way to go.

Cheap & Cheerful Spin Mop

Ogori Cordless Spin Mop

It’s another spin mop! These make a perfect choice when you need to keep the floors in a home clean. Sometimes a full-blown buffer is too much. These can do an amazing job themselves. And this one looks much better than most other floor buffers.

Similar to the iDOO, you get two rotating mop heads. The ones here are much slower though, rotating only up to a maximum of 150RPM. You do get four free pads with this purchase, similar to the other spin mop. The neck can also be adjusted, and the base can pivot with just as much range. They are similarly matched!

Not for long though. The one major thing that you don’t get here is the water tank, which is a bummer. This means that you can’t spray water ahead of you. You’ll have to do it manually, like with the other buffers here. But the price is about half as much, so this scores a major win there.

And of course, it is cordless. This means you have all the freedom you need when cleaning floors. Thanks to its lightweight, carrying it up the stairs and moving it around will be no problem at all.

Pros Cons
Most affordable item on this listNo option for spraying water
Operates quietlyRotation speed is relatively low
The cleaning base can rotate freely

Our Verdict

The iDOO spin mop brings just a little bit more to the table than this one. But this one undercuts it significantly in price. If you want something to keep your floors looking sparkling but you don’t want to break the bank, this is the one.

You don’t need to worry about buying extra mop pads either. The ones that come with this are reusable and that’s more money saved.

You get a warranty lasting a year. I appreciate that considering the price.

If regular mopping just isn’t it for you, then this trendy-looking electric mop can bring the portability of a regular mop while upping the comfort and efficiency.

Advantages of a Floor Buffer

If you want to be convinced into buying a floor buffer for yourself, you may want to see everything you can gain from it in one easy place. Well, I’m about to put together a list for you. This way, you can pull the trigger on the purchase without hesitation!

Here are some of the things that you gain from opting for a floor buffer:

  1. They clean quick and well: The nearest tool that you can use in place of a floor buffer is a mop. That’s manually operated and it will certainly take a lot longer to clean a space with just a mop. A floor buffer will get the cleaning done much faster. Plus, they can do a much better job leaving your floor clean.
  2. They are not stressful to use: Would you rather swing around a mop for hours on end or walk around with a floor buffer that simply glides? I know which I would choose. A floor buffer is less of a strenuous task.
  3. They can make a floor look better than anything else: You could get on your hands and knees with wax and a rag to get the floor to shine. You might be able to get it done rather well, but why go through that trouble? A floor buffer can leave your floor sparkling without you breaking a sweat.
  4. They can be used for a number of tasks: Unlike a mop or a brush alone, a floor buffer can take care of multiple tasks at once. Do you need the floor scrubbed? Do you simply want it to be cleaned? Perhaps you want it polished to a shine. One floor buffer can do all of these.
  5. It saves you money: If you’re running a commercial cleaning business, a floor buffer can be the trick up your sleeve. You’ll clean a lot faster and efficiently than you can with manual tools. This means satisfied clients and more time to attend to other jobs. It saves and earns you money!

Floor Buffer Buyer’s Guide

Even if you have used a floor buffer before, you might not know what to look out for in a good one. It’s hard to sort through all the new terms that unusual tools might bring, but I’ve got your back on that. This buyer’s guide will show you the most important things to look out for when looking to make a purchase.

  1. Size: The size of a floor buffer influences the area it can clean in one go. The larger the diameter, the better suited it will be for large spaces. However, these won’t fit into small spaces as well. The largest size tends to be 20 inches, like the Viper model at the top of the list. They can go as small as 10 inches though.
  2. Speed: A low-speed floor buffer operates at a standard of 175RPM, such as the Viper. This is a perfect speed for doing a range of tasks, such as scrubbing and polishing. Some go as high as 400RPM (470RPM in the case of the Boss on the list), which are needed for cleaning tougher stains and buffing. Any faster, such as at over 1000RPM means you’re dealing with a burnisher and not a buffer at that point! These are used to achieve the beautiful ‘wet’ look that some glossy floors have.

There are also two-speed floor buffers which can operate at more than one speed. None of the buffers on this list are two-speed though.

  1. Pad colors: The pads attached to floor buffers are typically color-coded to make it easy to figure out what they should be used for. Of course, not all manufacturers may follow these conventions, so make sure you read the instructions to be certain.
    1. Red: For cleaning the floor or applying polish
    2. Green: Scrubbing dirt and scuffs
    3. Beige/white: Polishing
    4. Black: To strip away the coating from a prior buffing
  2. Power: Only one buffer on this list gave the details on its motor power. That was the Viper with 1.5HP. That tends to be good for cleaning and stripping floors. 1HP can do regular cleaning fine, and 2HP is the cream of the crop, working fantastic for pretty much any task you throw at it.
  3. Weight: It is easy to assume that ‘lighter is better’. That would be true for most other tools. Depending on the kind of surface you’re fighting, you may sometimes want a heavier buffer. Concrete may need some weight so that the machine presses the brush against the surface for deeper cleaning. At home though and on delicate surface, you may want a lighter machine.


Delving into the world of floor buffers for the first time can be a bit confusing. Hopefully this article made it much clearer for you!

So, if you want to know what my top choice for a floor buffer is here, I’ll tell you. I put a lot into consideration, including the price. The top spot for me goes to the Oreck Orbiter. It’s not the biggest, but it has an affordable price tag, a solid build, and will clean easily. It looks pretty good too, if you’re into that.

For home use, I’d recommend the iDOO model. It’s not a proper floor buffer, being an electric spin mop instead. But it can do a lot that a buffer can, the lighter tasks mostly. This will make cleaning floors at home a stress-free experience.

And I’ll give an honorable mention to the Viper VN2015. It is an extremely solid and well-built tool, apart from the issue with the locking clamp. The price tag is high, but if you can afford it and avoid a bad unit, you’ll get one of the best floor buffers out there.

Even if none of these call out to you, hopefully the buying guide will make it easier for you to pull the trigger on your own!

If this content has helped you, please consider checking out our related guides below.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!