Cordless snow blowers are essential to the snow clearing product market – they’re designed for users living in urban/built up environments with limited areas to keep clear of snow.  Cordless snow blowers are also a handy option if you have light snow fall where you live.

male using a Snow blower for clearing path way
Cordless snow blowers are essential to the snow clearing

There are many cordless snow blowers available – so it’s important to know what to look out for when purchasing. 

Appliance Analysts is here to do the homework for you.  Let’s match some of the best cordless snow blowing machines available today to your particular needs.  Have a look below for our top industry picks!    

Our Top Picks for Cordless Snow Blowers

Best for Durability

Snow Joe 18 Inch 48 Volt (2 x 24v) iON Cordless Snow Blower Kit.

Snow Joe 18 Inch 48 Volt (2 x 24v) iON Cordless Snow Blower Kit featuring unit, batteries and battery charger.

This machine is reasonably priced, smart looking, and features a 4 blade rubber tipped steel auger – tops for durability.  An integrated scraper bar effectively clears snow close to the ground.

This 40 pound product is powerful, easily handled, and quiet due to the 1200 W brushless motor clearing over 10 tons of snow per battery chargeTwo 24 volt 4.0AH batteries and charger are included and this machine has a run time of up to 40 minutes per charge.  An L.E.D headlight helps in murky conditions, and its safety switch guards against accidental starts.

This machine has an adjustable chute and disperses snow to a distance of around 20 feet, very respectable.  Users report good performance on even heavy and wet snow which may exceed your expectations!

The intake width of 18 inches is on the smaller side, but that means space – saving if your storage space is limited.  It also has a fold – down handle, making storage even more of a breeze.

Pros Cons
Well pricedCharge time of 2 hours needed
Powerful for its sizeLighter weight means blowing snow on an incline can be tricky
Small, lightweight & compact for easy storageBatteries can deplete quickly if not given adequate charge time
Instruction manual very easy to understand & contact details for customer support clearly listed multiple times
Simple to assemble and operate
Tool included for clearing the chute - avoid snow jams
Very low maintenance
Very quiet operation

Our Verdict

For durable efficiency, look no further than this Snow Joe snow blower kit.  Much lighter and less awkward than its gas powered cousins, this machine offers more powerful performance than you’d expect.

If you’re going to be using it for longer than around 40 minutes at one time, a second set of batteries is a good investment for this model.

It’s easy to assemble and use and it’ll work well on small/medium areas.

Snow Joe machines come with a 2 year standard warranty period, terms and conditions apply.

Register your machine on the Snow Joe website – when you purchase to protect and extend your warranty for optimal peace of mind.

Best Value for Money

Snow Joe iON15SB-LT 15 Inch 40 Volt iONMax Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower.

Side frontal view of the Snow Joe iON15SB-LT Single Stage Snow Blower.

This machine is at the lower end price wise but offers versatility for smaller spaces like short driveways and decks.  40 volt 2.5 Ah lithium – ion battery and charger are included with this model on Amazon and the run time is around 30 minutes per charge.

It has a clearing capacity of 15 inches wide and easily handles snow up to 8 inches deep‘Eco Sharp’ technology means no fade in power.  At just over 25 pounds in weight it’s a lighter model which means easy to use and manipulate and plowing capacity weighs in at around 440 pounds per minute, not too shabby!

Despite the smaller size it manages a snow throwing distance of 20 feet.

500 W brushless motor and 2 blade durable plastic auger is quite powerful, while you’re not getting the durability of a steel auger this machine is meant for light usage in an urban setting and durable for what you’ll be using it for.  This small machine packs a punch for its size and has an adjustable chute for control over your snow dispersal.

Pros Cons
Light and easy to lift & manipulateSome users report that the chute doesn’t lock securely enough
Handle unscrews for easy transport & storageYou need to wait for the battery to come to room temperature before recharging is possible
Smaller size and fold down handle means it can fit into a closetThe ‘carry’ handle blocks the battery recess slightly, this can be frustrating
Great size for use on cars and small driveway spacesLightweight construction demands careful usage
User instructions are simple and easy to understand
Easy assembly
Very capable in light snowfall conditions, even wet snow
Simple push button start

Our Verdict

This very reasonably priced machine offers all the benefits of cordless without a hefty price tag.  Although lightweight in construction it offers good performance if treated well and kept indoors (used from room temperature).  It’s perfect for a budget friendly appliance in an urban or small property scenario.

There are some minor design niggles, but don’t let that put you off this machine.  It offers a good level of performance and is constructed neatly enough to store inside a broom closet.

Snow Joe machines come with a 2 year standard warranty period, terms and conditions apply.  Register your machine on the Snow Joe website –  when you purchase to protect or extend your warranty for optimal peace of mind.

Best for Seniors/Health Compromised Users

PowerSmart DB2401 18 Inch 40 Volt Cordless Snow Blower.

The PowerSmart DB2401 really looks the business.

A 40 volt 4.0 Ah lithium – ion battery and charger are included when purchasing on Amazon.  With the PowerSmart DB2401 you can clear snow of 18 inches wide and 11 inches deep in one pass.  It has an impressive snow throw distance of 30 feet and features an oversized chute handle for easy chute manipulation even if you’re wearing gloves.

We love its ergonomic design that includes a foam covered handle grip and an oversized auxiliary handle for easy carrying and transportation.  This machine is designed for user comfort.

Its motor runs at 2200 RPMs which means efficient plowing capacity and its brushless design technology make it very quiet.

You have the convenience of an adjustable chute and this machine has a rust resistant exterior for durability and long lasting service.  It’s a light weight model too at under 20 pounds and small enough for easy storage and maneuvering.

It has a run time of about 30 minutes which isn’t optimal but enough for small areas.  If you think you’ll be working longer than that, invest in a spare battery.  There’s no headlight provided, so you wouldn’t be able to use it in murky or nighttime conditions without a light source.

Pros Cons
Ergonomically designed, and built for easy handlingLimited run time of 30 minutes
Rust resistant long wearing body for durabilityNo headlight – some users attach a bicycle headlamp to the handle!
Very quiet to operateThe battery can be difficult to remove from the battery charger
Small enough to store indoorsCan clog on large amounts of wet/slushy snow
Offers efficient light to medium duty snow clearing
Easy no fuss start
Easy to follow user instructions

Our Verdict

If you’re compromised health wise or just not physically strong generally, this machine was designed with you in mind.

Its design, weight and size make it very user friendly with ergonomic features – whilst not sacrificing on snow clearing performance or durability in the outdoors.

PowerSmart products come with a 3 year limited warranty as sold on Amazon, terms and conditions apply.

Best High End Pick

EGO SNT2100 21 Inch 56 Volt Cordless Snow Blower

Side view of the EGO SNT2100 Cordless snow blower.

This machine is expensive and has the ‘bells and whistles’ to prove it! Sales price on Amazon does not include the battery or charger.  It works out cheaper overall to buy the battery and charger together with the machine instead of as a separate purchase entirely.

The EGO SNT2100 runs off 56 volt 5.0 Ah ARC lithium battery power with a high efficiency brushless motor that’s quiet and going to give you a snow throwing distance of up to 35 feet, which is impressive.  Clearing width is a snow gulping 21 inches and this unit easily handles wet and heavy snow.

2 ARC lithium – ion batteries enable a battery back time of about an hour which is ample.

This machine is ‘easy store’, being completely adjustable with a ‘quick fold’ handle.  It’s also constructed of robust steel and is weather resistant, and comes with a variable speed auger and L.E.D headlights for dark and murky conditions.

At just over 50 pounds it’s a heavier machine, but still easily manipulated and its weight is due to sturdy and robust casing design.

Pros Cons
Adjustability means easy storage & transportHeavier machine not ideal for the elderly or infirm
Remote control snow dispersal chuteSome users have reported that the blades wear out quicker than they should on this model
Variable speed auger
Ample battery back – up time
Robust and durable construction
Easy push button start
Quiet operation
Very little assembly needed
Batteries are interchangeable between/with other Ego appliances
Very low maintenance

Our Verdict

Powerful performance, excellent battery life and the remote snow dispersal chute adjustment in the handle make the EGO SNT2100 a pleasure to use.

The variable speed auger on this model is the real win, allowing you to adjust the machine’s operation and snow collection speed on its path giving you much greater control.  It’s a machine that will stand up to harder usage and if you have the budget it’s worth the money.

EGO offers a 5 year limited warranty on their machines and a 3 year limited warranty on batteries and battery packs.  Terms and conditions apply.

Purchasers are advised to get the best warranty protection available by registering their machine with the company within 30 days of purchase –

Best All – Rounder

Greenworks Pro 20 Inch 80 Volt Cordless Snow Blower

Greenworks Pro 20 inch 80 volt Cordless snow blower in its natural (urban) habitat.

This snow blower features a digitally controlled brushless motor for quiet operation and capability to clear a 20 inch wide sweep of snow at a depth of up to 10 inches in one sweep.  At 30 pounds it’s a comfortable machine to use and move around.

It runs on 80 volt 2 Ah lithium – ion battery in a nifty battery compartment with lids held closed by magnets, which makes getting to the battery easy.  If purchasing through Amazon, battery and charger are included.

A carrying/lifting handle make moving the machine low hassle, and with an adjustable chute (180 degrees) and a chute control rod you can direct your dispersed snow to where you want it.  A padded handle adds to user comfort and you have the reassurance of a safety switch on the handle too.

With tough rear wheels this machine is easily manipulated and you’ve got the added convenience of a fold down handle for nifty storage or transport in a vehicle.

Charging the battery will take you about 30 minutes for around 45 minutes of run time.

Pros Cons
Very quick chargingCan clog with large amounts of wet snow, needs a bump to start it dispersing again
Easy assemblyTaller users may find the handle a bit short/low to the ground
Batteries interchangeable across other Greenworks appliancesUnless it’s been upgraded, the headlights come on automatically, there’s no ‘off’ switch
L.E.D Headlights for increased visibility
Instant push button start
Gets into tight spaces with ease
Foldable handle and ‘easy store’ design
Lightweight body for easy manipulation
Wear pads protect the front of the machine and the surface being cleared

Our Verdict

Users report that the Greenworks Pro doesn’t fade out as the battery indicator light drops – it maintains power consistently until the battery is completely flat which is a major bonus, good smooth operation start to finish, no sputtering out here and there.

Overall this is a good general use machine offering adequate power while being user – friendly, and it has quick charge technology and nifty features to make the job easier and less labor intensive too.  It’s a super pick if you’re looking for a mid – range machine with strong capabilities.

Greenworks offer a 4 year limited warranty on the unit and a 2 year limited warranty on the battery and charger.  Terms and conditions apply.

Purchasers are advised to register their machines with the company to get extended warranty and consumer protection.  You can register on

Cordless vs Corded Snow Blowers – What’s the Diff?

In simple terms, corded snow blowers have a power cord and will run off electricity (A.C).  A cordless snow blower has no cord, and will run off stored electricity (D.C) in the form of a battery.

How does that translate into benefits by going cordless?  Well, cordless snow blowers do offer a number of benefits

  • Quiet operation
  • Instant push button start
  • Ecologically friendly
  • No power cord to get tangled around your legs or the machine
  • Range not limited by the length of the power cord
  • No need for heavy weather extension cord or outside power outlet
  • No need for gas or oil
  • Relatively light weight
  • Almost no maintenance or technical skill needed
  • Easier to store than bulkier/larger corded or engine driven machines

In general terms, cordless machines may not offer the same power or snow clearing ability as engine driven or plug in machines, but for smaller areas or lighter snowfall they offer great ease of use, cost saving and less time commitment for maintenance, fueling and so on.

Cordless Snow Blower Buying Guide [General]

Right – so you’ve decided that cordless is the way to go.  What should you be looking out for when purchasing?  Follow these handy pointers below:

Battery Type

Go for lithium – ion batteries, they’re the most technologically advanced and the most reliable.  They’re easy to charge, and they last longer than other battery types due to high energy density.

Lithium battery

Lithium Batteries are technologically advanced and reliable

Pro – tips:  Check that the cost of the battery AND the charger is included in the sale price when budgeting for your purchase, and consider buying a spare battery set to save time recharging/fill in if the original battery fails.

Battery Voltage

The higher you go voltage wise, the more power and run time you’ll get per charge, so check the battery specs when buying.

Pro – tip:  If you use other cordless battery powered appliances like a weed trimmer, consider ‘matching’ the rechargeable battery voltage/type so that you can interchange these between appliances.

Battery Run Time & Charging Time

Understand how long you will be able to use the snow blower for off a single battery charge.  This can vary from 15 minutes to an hour plus depending on the machine.

Look for ‘quick charge’ technology batteries and avoid ‘down time’ altogether with a set of spare batteries – one can charge while you’re using the other.

Intake Width

The wider the intake port width of the machine, the more snow it can clean with one sweep.  For maximum efficiency, aim for an intake width of 20 inches or above.  For narrow or confined spaces with light snowfall, look for narrower intake.

Auger Width

Wider augers mean easier snow clearing.  You want an auger big enough to clear enough snow at one sweep, but also need to consider the auger width as this determines the storage space needed for the machine.  If you’ve got adequate storage space, go for a wider auger.

Auger Blades

Ideally, you want to go with steel blades as these are the most durable.  And, the more blades an auger has, the more snow it will be feeding into the machine for dispersal, so more blades = more snow clearing.

Snow Clearance Rate

Most machines will have a clearance rate of 300 – 700 pounds per minute.  Obviously, the higher the rate, the more snow is being cleared.

If you’re just using the machine for clearing a small driveway/contained area, machines with clearance rates around the 400 pounds per minute range will be ample.

Adjustable/Rotating Chute

An adjustable chute gives you greater control over where the snow goes and stops it blowing back into your face – it’ll keep your progress smooth and uninterrupted. Some machines even have remote controlled chutes so that you don’t have to stop the machine and make chute adjustments!

Wheel Size

Bigger wheels tackle deep snow more easily and make for easier handling of the machine.  The wheel size shouldn’t be considered a ‘deal breaker’ but go for 7 inch wheels or bigger as opposed to 6 inch wheels if they’re available.

Intake Height/Cutting Depth

The vertical height of the auger(s) is the machine’s intake height.  This can range from 7 inches to 12 inches or bigger.  The higher the intake height, the more snow you will clear in one pass over an area.  Aim for higher intake height if you’re concerned about heavier snowfall or just want the job done quicker, with less effort.


You’ll be offered warranty periods on different machines ranging from a year to 4 or 5 years.  An extended period warranty is always better, and can save you BIG on repair costs down the line.  Warranty period is a good indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in the machine, so check this carefully when buying.

Most manufacturers suggest you register your unit with them on their website within 30 days of purchase.  Do this – it protects your warranty and consumer rights should anything go wrong.


The heavier the machine, the more effort is needed to move it around.  If your snow clearing needs are minimal, or you suffer from illness, back problems or injury, the lighter machines are the way to go if you want ease of use and less strain.  Aim for machines below the 30 pound weight class for easiest handling.

Digital Drive & Variable Auger Control

These are nifty features that help the snow blower work better with less effort on your part.  Once again, not essential features, but certainly nice to have if they’re offered by the manufacturer.  Be warned, these features do cost extra!

Be Realistic about your Buyer Expectations

A common cause of poor reviews for cordless snow blowers is unrealistic buyer expectations.  A cordless machine is NOT going to clear 10 foot drifts and you can’t expect it to clear a commercial size parking lot on the regular.  That’s not what these machines are made for.

Do your homework on the options available, talk to neighbors, family and friends, ask questions of the technical sales staff or retailer, and you’ll get a machine that has the capabilities to meet your requirements without disappointment.

In conclusion, we hope that this article gives you a good grounding in cordless snow blowers and how to purchase them wisely.

There are some fantastic cordless snow blowers available, and they offer a great many user benefits at an affordable price.