If you do a lot of hands-on projects that involve metal, wood, or concrete, you’ll know that nails are an important element.

These provide one of the easiest ways to keep one thing fixed to the other. What makes nails annoying is the process of hammering them in. The problem is, there is a lot of effort needed to nail something in properly and a lot could go wrong.

This is where the nail gun comes in. It eliminates all those problems and gives you a simple-to-use tool. Yes, a child could do it too, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend that! These shoot out a nail with a lot of force which can be very dangerous.

Here’s the thing though. The cables that these nail guns with can be a hassle. This is why we love cordless nail guns. A battery pack means you can use these anywhere without the hazards of cords.

This article lists out five of the absolute best cordless nail guns that you can get today, based on different criteria. You’ll likely find something that appeals to you here and if you don’t, the buying guide at the end will make you able to make the choice on your own!

If that sounds good, let’s dive in.

Best Cordless Nail Guns

Best Overall Cordless Nail Gun

DeWalt 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nail Gun

When you do hardware work professionally, you want professional tools. You don’t want any compromises that could ruin the work that you’re doing for your client. With hands-on services, your tools impact your reputation. This is what makes this DeWalt nail gun such an easy choice for the pros.

What you get is a cordless nail gun that runs entirely off battery power. There’s no need for compressed air or gunpowder. This reduces the hassle and risk. And thankfully, that battery is part of the DeWalt 20V MAX line, which means you can interchange the battery with other tools in this selection.

When it comes to performance, you get the best. It operates on a brushless motor for the best efficiency, quietness, and lifespan.

This also has multiple LEDs. They can help you see what you’re doing in darker spaces as well as helping to diagnose any problems that you might run into.

Pros Cons
You can use it with other DeWalt 20V MAX toolsPrice is high
Brushless motor improves durabilityA little heavy
Easy to accurately shoot nails thanks to narrow nose
Gets about 4 hours of use from one charge

Our Verdict

This is a nail gun on the high side when it comes to price. If you are a hobbyist, you may want to go for something more affordable. If you simply want performance though, you’ll surely get that with this.

It is a bit top heavy, so that is something you should be ready for. But apart from that and the price, that is where the disadvantages end. This is very straightforward to use and helps you do a good, accurate job.

You get a very generous three-year warranty with this. With the price tag on its head, I appreciate that and you probably will too. No one wants such an expensive tool to stop working and have no options left. With this, you’ll certainly have the option for replacement or repair.

The price is hefty, but this brings the performance and build quality to make it worth it.

Best Cordless Nail Gun for Ryobi Owners

Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18V One+ Nail Gun

If you’ve been through some of the other articles on power tools, you might have seen the name Ryobi around. If you’re just well versed when it comes to these kinds of things, you probably already knew the brand and the fact that they make quality equipment. Similar to the DeWalt above, this belongs to a line called 18V One+. You can switch batteries between all items in this series.

With that in mind, Ryobi gives you the chance to buy this nail gun without the battery or the charger. That’s how it comes. And thanks to that, it manages to be the cheapest nail gun on this list by quite a margin. If you already have other 18V One+ tools, it’s an easy decision to make.

This brad nail gun is purely battery-powered. It has a dial that lets you regulate the air pressure in order to get your projects nailed perfectly each time. On a single charge, it can drive up to 1700 nails on one full battery charge. That is more than enough.

You get a little indicator that tells you when your nails are running low. This way, you won’t find yourself trying to shoot an empty gun.

Pros Cons
Very affordableDoes not come with a battery
Battery life is good
Adjustable pressure gives more control
Has an indicator for when nails are running low

Our Verdict

This is a very affordable tool, mostly because it doesn’t come with a battery or additional accessories. But even then, Ryobi is one of the more affordable brands on the market. Don’t let that make you think they don’t make quality tools though, because they do.

This is a perfect purchase for anyone who is already in the Ryobi space. If you’re not, buying a battery and a charger separately probably won’t bring the price up past the second cheapest product on this list. That is pretty good.

Once you get this product, it opens you up to a whole new world of Ryobi products for hardware tasks. That battery system can be very efficient and cost-effective.

Ryobi offers a generous three-year warranty with any of their products in the One+ line. You can rest easy knowing you’ve got that.

Best Value Cordless Nail Gun

Porter-Cable 20V MAX Cordless Nailer Kit

A whole lot of cordless power tools come in these lines that allow for interchanging batteries. This Porter-Cable one is no different, belonging to a 20V MAX line. It is important to note that this is different from the 20V MAX line from DeWalt and these batteries are not interchangeable. 

Similar to the Ryobi above, you get a wheel that allows you to adjust the pressure with which the nails shoot out. If you encounter a surface that seems to be too soft, you can drop it so the nails don’t go in as far, or increase it so they drive in better. The tool-free jam release makes things a lot easier too.

The battery that this comes with is 1500mAh, which is a good size. It lasts for a good amount of time even with substantial use. You can choose to buy it without the battery or with an extra one if you’d like. If you go for a 4000mAh battery, you can drive 1300 nails on one charge.

Pros Cons
Battery life is impressiveNo low nail indicator
You can use it across the Porter-Cable 20V MAX line
Has a depth adjustment wheel

Our Verdict

The DeWalt that led this list has a lot of the features that anyone would want from a nail gun. The problem is the cost. Some people want the best features that they can get at the lowest price. This Porter-Cable model achieves that, I’d say.

You get good battery life and it belongs to one of those lines where all tools use the same battery type. This is also lightweight and comfortable to hold. And it has some features which make things very convenient, such as the depth adjustment wheel and the jam release.

There’s nothing to tell you when your nails are getting low, so unless you keep track, you’ll only notice when you fire a blank.

There’s a good three-year warranty on this. If you’re a seasoned DIYer, then this might be the perfect nailer for you if you don’t want to break the bank.

Best Flooring Nailer

Bostitch 2-in-1 Flooring Nailer

Vertical surfaces aren’t the only things that get nailed. If you’ve really done a lot of hardware work around the house, you’ll know that sometimes the floor needs some attention too. That’s what a flooring nailer is for. They use larger nails than a regular brad nail gun does because they need a lot more strength.

This uses a mallet and pneumatic pressure to drive those nails in. It’s a bit more stressful than any other kind of nail gun on the list because you have to physically strike it. There’s no risk of hitting your finger like a regular hammer though, and little chance that you’ll miss. Thanks to this system, it needs no electrical power at all.

Whether you want to drive in cleats or staples, this has got your back. That’s what makes it 2-in-1! It’ll do the job well for any kind of hardwood floor.

It’s a lot bigger than the other nail guns and thanks to that, it brings a lot more heft, even without a battery attached to it. Luckily, it’ll be resting against the ground when you want to use it, so there isn’t too much strain to deal with.

Pros Cons
Can drive in both nails and cleatsRequires an air compressor
Comfortable to useIt is relatively heavy
Drives nails in very well each time

Our Verdict

A flooring nailer is a different ball game from the other nail guns in this article. This can’t do what they do and vice-versa.

However, if you want to keep electricity aside and get a nail gun for the floor, this one is certain to do the trick for you. You’ll need an air compressor, which is an inconvenience, but apart from that, it is solid.

You get a ridiculous seven-year warranty on this. Bostitch really knows how to treat their customers well. When I see a warranty that long, I know that the manufacturer has confidence in their product. This will do a lot of work for you and stay solid the whole time.

If you need to put in new flooring, this is probably the tool for you. Just keep in mind that using it is quite the workout.

Best Cordless Nail Gun with Options

Craftsman V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Were you planning on getting another tool alongside your nail gun? Would you rather go for a larger battery instead of the relatively small one that comes by default? Or maybe you don’t want to bother buying 18-gauge nails separately? This Craftsman cordless nail gun has a whole array of options for you.

If you’re planning on buying a saw alongside this nailer, you can choose between getting it paired with a jig saw or reciprocating saw. You can also pair with an oscillating tool or a toolbox that has 57 different individual tools. Or maybe you just want a larger 4000mAh battery with it instead. There are so many options you can choose from with this.

In actual performance, it’s no slouch either. You can set depth levels of the nails it drives without stress, and in case of any jams, it is super easy to free up.

And just like all the others, you can use the battery here with the other tools from Craftsman’s V20 lineup.

Pros Cons
A lot of options for pairing this toolA lot of options for pairing this tool
You can use the battery with other V20 toolsA little on the heavy side
Has a tool-free jam release
Jams less than other tools
Operates quietly

Our Verdict

If you’re getting ready for some serious hands-on projects and you need to upgrade your toolshed, then starting a journey with Craftsman isn’t a bad idea. The V20 series will allow you to get a wide selection of tools. And if you get the 4.0Ah battery that you can buy this with, you’ll have more juice for all your power tools.

To be honest, it doesn’t come with any groundbreaking features that the others don’t, and the price is smack in the middle. Not too high and not too low. But if you need a reliable, comfortable tool and would like to get it bundled with some other useful things, then this is the way to go.

The V20 series gives you a three-year warranty. Its nice to know that these power tools come with sufficiently-sized warranties. It can really remove a lot of potential worry.

If you simply want a well-built, reliable, and comfortable nail gun, then this Craftsman could be a great option.

Corded vs Cordless Nail Guns

It can be a little tough to see the benefits of a corded nail gun over a corded one. This is especially true if you’ve been working with a corded one comfortably.

I’ve made a comparison between these two kinds of nail guns and put it into a very nice table below. You should be able to compare them nice and easy now!

Corded Nail Gun

Cordless Nail Gun

Harder to move around They are a lot more portable
You have to set up an air compressor and other tools to get it going They require no setup and you can put them to work right away
They pack a lot more power They are more modest in the power they can exhibit
Can fire at much faster rates Fire slower
More affordable More expensive (though there is no need to buy a compressor)
Range is limited as air compressor and socket must be close You can use anywhere, free of sockets

Are cordless nail guns worth it?

It depends on what you need! But to be honest, for most people who need a nail gun will definitely find a cordless nail gun to be worth it. The one time where you might be better with a corded air compressor would be if you know you’ll be nailing for hours straight. The battery life of a cordless model won’t let you do this.

In general, though, you get portability, less hassle with the setup, and a nail gun that you can pretty much take to work anywhere. So, I’d definitely say that a cordless nail gun is worth it!

Cordless Nail Gun Buyer’s Guide

There are some important specs that you should keep an eye out for when buying a cordless nail gun. These can help you make sure that the nail gun is perfectly suited for you and what you plan on using it for.

Type of Nail Gun

There are different types of nail guns, mostly differing based on the gauge of nail or fastener that they use.

If you’re planning on doing work that involves the ‘frame’ of the house, then you’ll be looking for a framing nailer. These use the largest nails.

You may also come across roofing nailers, which use similarly large nails but are designed for roofing work.

Finish nailers will help you out for projects involving the trim of a door or a window, furniture, or putting up cabinets.

Then there’s the brad nailer. Every item on this list, apart from the flooring nailer, is a brad nailer. You use these for more delicate trim work. They won’t help hold up an entire building but are perfect for DIY jobs and lighter woodwork in general.

And of course, there is the floor nailer, which is meant for putting down hardwood flooring. These use staples or cleats.

Nail Gauge

Nail gauge is a way to determine how thick or thin a nail is. The higher the number is, the smaller the nail. The lower the number, the bigger the nail. It can be a little confusing but you’ll get the hang of it. You don’t need to worry too much about this as your nailer tends to determine which gauge you can load into it.

LED Lights

Having a light on the front of your nail gun can help you with precision particularly when working in poorly lit places. It is a relatively common feature.

Depth Adjustment

Some woods are harder than others. Sometimes when you shoot a nail into a material, you find that it goes in more than you want it to, or perhaps not enough. In cases like this, a lot of nail guns comes with adjustable depth, accessible with a wheel or a dial. With this, you can fine tune the pressure with which the nail gets shot out.

Jam Release

Like a stapler, a nail gun can get jammed. There are a whole bunch of reasons why this can happen but we won’t really get into that.

Once this does happen though, it can be relatively stressful trying to clear that jam. It’s not even the stress that’s the main worry, but the time that it wastes.

Fortunately, a lot of cordless nail guns come with quick jam release features. This will save you time fiddling around trying to clear your nail gun. There’s work to do and time waits for no one!

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is measured in mAh or Ah, where 1000mAh is equal to 1Ah. The higher this number is, the longer the battery will last. Some nail guns consume more power than others, but basically, a 4Ah battery will last twice as long as a 2AH one will in the same nail gun. That’s not a hassle to understand!


Cordless nail guns are nearly a completely different world from corded ones. You have to pay close attention to battery capacities, weight, and power. It can be hard if you have never bought a cordless one before, so hopefully this helped you out.

My top choice here is the Ryobi. It doesn’t come with a battery, which is a major downside for a lot of people. However, the fact it is so affordable means that buying a battery and charger alongside it won’t be the biggest dent on your pocket. If you already own some of their tools then it’s even better! This is affordable and brings quality to the table at the same time.

Coming straight after it is the DeWalt 20V MAX nail gun. It is expensive and that is what will keep a lot of people away from it. With that price tag comes a product with the highest build quality, which is only what we expect of DeWalt.

Even if none of the nail guns on this list really appealed to you, hopefully you’ve learnt enough about them to be able to pick one out by yourself. If you have, that’d surely make me glad.

Thank you for getting all the way to the end of the article! If you enjoyed reading this, then please consider checking out our related articles below.