Got an aging drill, or looking to start a DIY kit?

A cordless drill makes any quick jobs so much easier. There’s no hassle of finding a plug socket, and stressing to run the cord.

However, there’s a TON of Cordless Drills on the market. And most of them are expensive To help narrow this down, I’ve reviewed the best cordless drills available for under $50.

Each has been chosen for a different reason (or ‘award’) which you’ll see below.

If that sounds good, let’s dive in!

Best Cordless Drills Under $50

Best Cordless Drill with Accessories

Black+Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill

If you’re just starting out with hardware work, you will likely end up building a whole gallery of tools. If you think that’s likely to be the case, then this Black+Decker drill is a fantastic choice and I’ll tell you why.

It runs off a 20V battery. That’s not extraordinary in itself. But when you realize that you can use this battery to power a whole array of other cordless Black+Decker tools, you realize how awesome it is! With one battery, you can power a circular saw, or a sander, or vacuum!

When it comes to the accessories you get, you’re far from being short-changed. This will set you up with 30 different accessories straight out of the box. These will likely be more than enough for the things that you may need to have done. You won’t have to worry about buying any additional bits.

It maxes out at 750RPM, which is on the low side compared to its competitors in this price range. You can control the speed with a trigger, so it can be a bit difficult maintaining the drill at lower speeds. You’ll get the best value out of this if you can catch it on sale.

Pros Cons
You can use the 20V MAX battery with other toolsMax speed is relatively low
Comes with an array of accessories out of the boxSpeed is hard to control
Lasts about four hours on one charge
Relatively lightweight

Our Verdict

For the beginner looking for their very first power tools, this cordless drill will make a great addition to their toolbox.

The low speed and the fact that the trigger pressure is the only thing controlling the speed makes this best for work at home or DIY projects. For professional projects, you’ll want to opt for something with more control.

You get a generous two-year warranty on this. That’s not bad at all for a tool at this price.  It’ll fit nicely with you other Black+Decker tools which all come with similar warranties.

If you don’t need a precision drill and want something that is lightweight with good battery life, this is a spectacular choice to go for.

Best Overall Cordless Drill

Tacklife 2-Speed Cordless Drill

Sometimes you just need something that can do the job with your eyes closed. If you have been working with drills for some time and want a cordless one for both DIY projects at home and professional jobs, then this one is solid.

Similar to the Black+Decker model above, this Tacklife drill works on a 20V battery system as well. They aren’t compatible between brands, but just like that one, other Tacklife products in this line will be able to make use of this battery.

Most drills are able to drill and screw. That’s nothing special. What makes this one pretty cool is the fact that it can serve as a hammer as well! You won’t need to expend your own energy smashing nails into walls. This can get that done for you.

It is also a 2-speed drill. You get two variables ranges to operate between. There’s low, which gives you anywhere between 0 and 450RPM, and high, which gets you from 0 all the way up to 1600RPM. That’s pretty awesome. If you need to screw something in, you’ll want a lower speed and you can easily access that with this. When it’s time to drill, crank it up to the high speed.

Plus, it comes with a good number of bits and an LED light built into the drill for when you need to work in a dark location.

Pros Cons
Two speed ranges give versatilityA little heavy
Can act as a hammer
Comes with a good number of accessories
LED light is a nice bonus
You can use the battery with other Tacklife tools

Our Verdict

This drill is one of the best choices that you can make if looking for a cordless drill. It packs a whole array of useful features into its body.

Tools with battery systems like this try to get you to buy into their ecosystem. From what you get with this drill, it might not be a bad idea to see what else Tacklife has to offer. This can drill holes, screw, and hammer in nails.

Two speeds give you the needed versatility to get the job done right and it’s a feature that I really wish the Black+Decker model above had. Similar to that one though, you get a two-year warranty, which is always something to put a smile on my face.

Whether you’ve been working with drills for years or are looking to buy your first one, this one won’t let you down. It is a solid performer!

Best Value Cordless Drill

Topelek Cordless Drill

All the cordless drills on this list are under $50. If you want to go even lower and save yourself about $10, then this model is right there for the taking.

You get a top speed of 1400RPM, and that comes in a two-speed package. So, you can hit that max when on the high-speed mode, but on low, you only get up to 400RPM. That’s a great arrangement that gives you a lot of control over your drill.

At 1500mAh, you don’t get the biggest battery on offer for a cordless drill. For example, the one above gets you a 2000mAh battery. That might be where some of the costs got cut however. Thanks to that size too, it charges to full in just a little over an hour.

This comes with an LED built in, as well as a total of 27 different accessories. That’s a good amount of value for the price that you pay.

Pros Cons
InexpensiveBattery capacity is slightly smaller
Has two-speed functionality
Includes a built-in light for the dark
Comes with many accessories

Our Verdict

Are you looking to save as much money as you can when getting yourself a cordless drill? And of course, you’ll want one which performs well, right? Topelek has got the thing for you.

You won’t notice too many cut corners with this drill. You get two speeds, a light for dark places, a good number of accessories out of the box, plus a belt clip that makes it easy to hang on your waist.

There’s also an 18-month warranty. You get some months cut off thanks to that relative price cut, at least that’s how it looks like to me.

Despite the battery size, you’ll likely be happy with how long this lasts. A bit more juice wouldn’t have been a bad thing though. This is a great choice of drill for jobs at home or at work. Don’t let the price deceive you. It works pretty great.

Best 18-Volt 1/2” Cordless Drill

RYOBI 18V Cordless Drill

Ryobi is a brand known well for their power tools. There are some brands you can purchase with peace of mind because you’re just certain of the kind of quality that you’ll be getting. This is one of them.

One important thing to note with this specific item. It doesn’t come with a battery or a charger. You get the tool on its own. This makes sense for someone who already has Ryobi tools stacked up in their shed and doesn’t need more batteries or chargers. The benefit of this shows on the price. It’s one of the cheapest items on this list!

The numbers on this show that it is a professional tool. You get a maximum RPM of 1750 when on the high speed, and a max of 450 on low. This versatility is a must if you plan to use this for serious projects.

It also uses a 1/2” inch keyless chuck. This gives you the widest range of bits to choose from and you’ll have no problem switching them out on the fly. Like I said, this is a quality tool.

Pros Cons
Has a high maximum RPMWithout a battery or charger, not the best for newbies to Ryobi
AffordableDoesn’t come with any bits
1/2" chuck allows for a lot of bits
Two-speed drill

Our Verdict

This is the professional’s drill. It has the highest maximum RPM on this list, it supports two speeds, and it has a wide drill chuck that is completely keyless. It’s hard not to love this.

This will fit perfectly into the lineup of someone who already owns a few 18V Ryobi tools. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy the battery and charger separately. That’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s rather inconvenient.

And here’s what makes this even better. You get a three-year warranty on this cordless drill. All of the items that belong to the 18V line get the same. If you want to dive straight into their products, you can do so knowing you’ll be covered for 3 years AND you can swap batteries.

This drill does a lot and it’s a great choice for anyone, not just the pros.

Best Cheap Option

Black+Decker 8V MAX Cordless Drill

If you’re strapped for cash but you need a drill beyond anything else, this one will do the job quite nicely. It is the cheapest one on this list, at nearly half of this list’s budget! Of course, you should keep in mind that it will definitely lose out on some of the features that the bigger boys have.

First of all, this is the only cordless drill on this list with a built-in battery. You can’t remove it and replace it with a fully-juiced one for portable power. You’ll have to plug it in to charge. This means it isn’t the best for commercial work. You’ll have to juice it up once the battery dies.

Next up is the fact that the speed on this tops off at a tiny 400RPM. That’s great for screwing things in, or drilling through thinner things. You surely won’t be able to manage the heavy-duty tasks of a professional cordless drill though.

This isn’t meant for professional work though. You should see this as a drill for household work or for DIY projects. Nothing more!

Pros Cons
Extremely affordableLow maximum RPM
Very lightweightBattery is not replaceable
Can function while plugged in

Our Verdict

This drill isn’t meant to compete directly with any of the others on this list. It stands on its own despite the fact that these are all drills under $50. This is built with much less power than the others so it can’t even approach the tasks those ones can do easily. For smaller tasks at home, this is fantastic. You probably won’t be able to complete a full project with wood and all of that.

If you don’t need all that extra power, this is a well-made device. You can use this to drive in screws as well as drilling through thinner substances like drywall. It is super lightweight too, if that is something you need.

Like most Black+Decker products, you get a two-year warranty on this. That’s a good safety net in case of any issues, especially considering the price of this tool.

This is a very good choice for lighter household tasks. Don’t bother with anything more heavy-duty though.

Cordless Drill Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve gotten to this part of the article, you might want to know a little more about cordless drills. No problem, I’m here for you! I’ll point out some of the specifications you might see on these drills and what to pay attention to!


This is simply how fast the drill can spin whatever is on its end. The higher this number is, the better its ability to drill through materials. Of course, this depends on the quality of the bit, but the exact same bit will perform better when the RPM is higher. Of course, friction is a consideration due to the heat that will be produced.

You’ll want a lower RPM when it comes to tasks like putting in screws. You don’t need too many rotations to get a screw all the way in. This is why a two-speed drill is awesome. You get high and low speeds that you can use whenever you need either.

Drill Chuck Size

The chuck is the end of the drill where you insert your bit. The size of the drill chuck refers to the size of this opening. The larger it is, the bigger the bits that it can hold, which allows you to attach most heavy-duty bits.

The common sizes for this are 1/4″, 3/8”, 1/2″. That is in order of increasing size, just in case the fractions are a tad confusing for you. 1/2″ can hold the largest bits out of these.

On this list, only the Ryobi and Tacklife come with a 1/2″ chuck. The other items use a 3/8” chuck.

Keyless Chuck

Older drills would need a little key to loosen and tighten a drill bit. You’d have to get this key in order to replace whichever bit you’re using at the moment. This is far from time efficient.

A keyless chuck simply uses a twist of its base to tighten or loosen. There’s no need for these keys, which means that you can replace your bit much faster.

Battery Type

Apart from the Black+Decker which rounds up this list, all the items on this list use a removable battery. That one drill has an integrated battery which you charge with a cable. You can’t pull the battery out to charge it on its dock.

One big downside of this is that you can’t swap out batteries on the go when you need sudden extra juice.

Battery Voltage

You are likely to see all kinds of battery voltages. On this list, there are mostly 20V drills, with one 18V and one 8V drill. A higher voltage increases the power that you get from the tool.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is measured in Ah or mAh. The higher this number is, the better. Of course, with a higher number comes more heft for the actual drill.

Corded vs Cordless Drills

Now, you must really want to know whether making the decision to go with cordless is the right one. Well, it all depends. It depends on your individual needs. Neither is better than the other exactly. You simply have to assess what you’re looking for from the drill you’re hoping to buy. The table below shows some of the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of drills.

Corded Drills Cordless Drills
More power with corded thanks to mains connection It runs off a battery, which means that it gets less power than corded.
You always need to be in proximity of a socket Extremely portable as you don’t need to be anywhere near a socket to use this.
They bring the hazards of cables No risk of injuries from cords
Can get a bit messy to tore, especially with multiple tools Cleaner to store thanks to having no cables and the fact one battery can fit many tools
No need to have to remember to charge Will always need charging
More affordable Cordless drills are generally more expensive


So, we’ve gone through five of the absolute best cordless drills that you can get today, and they’re all under $50. Some go much lower than that! Hopefully you’ve found one that calls out to you.

If you haven’t, then I recommend the Tacklife model for a fact. This is one of the best drills that you can get at this price. It has a 1/2” keyless chuck, a large and replaceable battery, two speeds, and it can hammer too! This is one of the best.

My runner-up is the RYOBI 18V. It would have been absolutely perfect if it wasn’t just the bare tool. But then, the price leaves you with enough space to buy a battery of your own for it.

The 20V MAC Black+Decker gets my honorable mention. It is a fantastic product and the sheer amount of accessories it comes with make s it a wonderful option.

What I really hope is that you have been able to find a cordless drill that is perfect for you. Hopefully you have! Thank you for taking all the time to read through this, and have a great day.