Good-looking shrubbery does a lot for the appearance of any location. This applies whether it is a house or a business. If you’ve got bushes and shrubs, it is important to have them look their best.

Using hedge clippers can be tiring though. And gas-powered trimmers cost quite a bit to fuel, plus they are noisy. If only there were some easy, clean way to trim your hedges.

This is precisely where electric hedge trimmers come into play. A corded hedge trimmer makes the job so much easier. You don’t need to worry about running out of gas or battery life. They’ll run for as long as you need them to.

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for, then let’s dive right into it!

Detailed Reviews: The Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

Toro 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

There’s a lot to love about this Toro hedge trimmer, just from the moment you set your eyes on it. Let me talk a little bit about the design, because I really like how this looks. The crimson paint job doesn’t do much for its functionality, but it makes this very good-looking.

You get a trimmer with a 22-inch bar, which is a lot longer than others that you will find around this price. Pairing that with its dual action blades, you get far reaching trimming. This makes it a lot easier to keep thicker hedges even. The longer reach paired with the hand guard makes it less likely for trimmings to fly towards you.

The motor that runs the show here uses 4 amps to power itself, which makes it one of the strongest ones here. If you need a hedge trimmer that can tear through branches a bit thicker than usual, this is the one for you.

And despite the longer cutting arm and the beefier motor, this is one of the lightest hedge trimmers on the list, at just 6.1lbs. The lighter a trimmer is, the less likely your arms are to get fatigued. You’ll be able to hold this one much longer than the others.

Pros Cons
Cutting bar is very longA transparent shield would be preferable.
4-amp motor is powerful
This hedge trimmer is lightweight

Our Verdict

For a hedge trimmer that does the job well for lighter tasks, you won’t be very disappointed. This trimmer can certainly handle thicker branches, but you may not get as clean a cut on them despite the power behind the motor. This is mostly down to the shape of the blades.

The fact that this hedge trimmer is so light means your arms won’t get as tired (or tired as quickly, at least) as heavier models will do. The longer cutting bar also means you’ll do a lot less struggling to reach far parts of the hedge.

You’ll get a two-year warranty on this model, which is rather good considering the cost and the value you get from this. You can have some kind of peace of mind knowing that you’ll be safe for those 24 months.

This is a great trimmer if you have a lot of hedges to trim, but they don’t get too thick. You can get away with thicker branches but you may be getting less of a clean finish.

Best Value Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks 18-Inch Corded Hedge Trimmer

Coming from a company called Greenworks, you won’t be too surprised to see that the body of this hedge trimmer is almost entirely green. It is a unique look, to say the least, so it might not be for everyone. But then, a tool like this is all about the job it does.

You won’t get as much reach as the Toro model above, but for many people, 18 inches is rather sufficient. If you know you have tall hedges or difficult to reach spots, this might not get the job done as well as you’d like. You get the typical dual-action blades that most hedge trimmers come with.

This trimmer has a 2.7-amp motor running inside that body. This helps keep it lightweight, at just 6.2lbs. Though it doesn’t have the longest bar, its weight makes it easier to compensate for the stress that reaching for tight places usually causes.

One thing about corded hedge trimmers is that the plug can sometimes come loose. Luckily, this one has a cord lock, so this is unlikely to occur.

Pros Cons
Cord lock helps keep the cable secureFront shield is not transparent
LightweightCutting bar is on the shorter side of options
Operates quietly
Works great for light to moderate jobs

Our Verdict

If what you’re looking for is a hedge trimmer that provides you with value for money, then this product is high up there. It doesn’t run the beefiest motor or have the longest cutting arm, but it does what it does very well.

If you are looking for a hedge trimmer for household use and your hedges aren’t giant, then this is a premium choice.

One of the best parts about this hedge trimmer is that you get a 4-year warranty. Honestly, you really can’t beat that. Greenworks is confident enough in their product that you’ll still have as much fun with it 4 years down the line as the first.

If you need a great, inexpensive hedge trimmer for your yard, you won’t regret this one.

Best Slim Design Hedge Trimmer

WORX 20-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer

Okay, so I know I have put a lot of focus on aesthetics so far. With this hedge trimmer from WORX, it is a very valid consideration.

Most electric hedge trimmers place the motor in front of the trigger. This tends to result in a bulkier build. This wider design makes it a bit more difficult to maneuver into tight spaces. This WORX electric hedge trimmer puts the motor at the very rear. This allows for a much slimmer build and better balance when holding.

Despite this more compact design, the electric motor is still a 3.8-amp unit. You’ll get plenty of power out of this, thanks to that. It also comes with a 20-inch cutting bar, which is a sweet spot for me.

One thing that this has which I find very useful is a clear front guard. It protects your hand just as well as the opaque ones higher up on the list, while keeping your vision clear.

Pros Cons
Slim design looks good and helps handlingSlightly heavier than the other options
Motor is powerful
Clear front guard doesn’t impede vision
Vibrations are minimal

Our Verdict

This is a great looking hedge trimmer and its design gives it better balance, maneuverability, and less vibrations.

One popular motto talks about how power is nothing without control. That should be the motto of this WORX trimmer. It gives you a strong motor, good reach with the cutting bar, but it doesn’t let this go to waste. It is incredibly easy to handle.

You get a warranty that will last you 2 years, which is only something to smile about. It costs just as much as the others so far do, so it makes it a lot easier to compare.

If you want a hedge trimmer that will give you no problems when it comes to handling, then this one will certainly make you happy.

Best 2-in-1 Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise 18-Inch Pole/Handheld Hedge Trimmer

Whether your cutting bar is 22 inches or 30, you will never get as much reach as you can when you put a 3-foot pole at the end.

The entire package is 10 pounds, which is much heavier than the others. But you should expect that. It runs off a 2.8-amp motor, which should be fine for most uses.

This Earthwise hedge trimmer is 2-in-1 because you don’t need to buy a separate pole hedge trimmer. You simply disconnect or connect the pole to switch it to or from being handheld. The cutting bar when handheld is only 18 inches, which is on the shorter side though.

When using this attached to the pole, you can rotate the head between 6 positions. This makes it incredibly easy to trim the top of very tall or hard to reach hedges. If you were using it handheld, you’d likely need a ladder to reach those same spots.

Thanks to the pole, you might also be able to get trimming done for trees with thinner branches. This definitely isn’t built for taking down full-thickness branches though.

Pros Cons
Extremely versatile thanks to the poleA lot heavier than other options.
The reach is unrivaled when attached to poleFront guard is too small
You can angle the trimmer

Our Verdict

Do you live with hedges of different sizes? Some taller than your arms can reach, and others at knee level? If that is the case, then this will trim both kinds of hedges perfectly.

The versatility comes at a price though. It is the most expensive trimmer on the list, thanks to the pole it comes with. Because all of its machinery is in the trimmer part itself, it can be very difficult to hold when using it on the pole. It is top-heavy and if you’re not looking for an upper body workout while trimming the hedges, this isn’t for you.

You get a two-year warranty with this, which is enough for most folks. There aren’t any very common problems with this, so you won’t need to worry too much.

If you have hedges that are hard to reach, but would rather not go for a ladder, this will make things much easier. Just keep in mind that handling it can be tough when all the weight gets balanced at the end of the pole.

Best Quality Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker 17-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Black+Decker is well known for their power tools. They might have stuck too close to that heritage here. The orange and black tone this uses looks very… serious. It’s not a bad look though!

This is inexpensive, being the cheapest trimmer on the list. The price shows up in the length of the cutting bar though. It is also the shortest one on the list, at just 17 inches. If you’re trimming hedges at home, this should suffice if you don’t have any large shrubbery.

It runs off a 3.2-amp motor and paired with the relatively short bar, it comes in at just 4.6 pounds. That is very lightweight and helps keep fatigue away when using this for long periods of time.

Thanks to their experience with making tough tools, you can be sure that this hedge trimmer will last. The quality of the build is great and you’ll notice as soon as you lay hands on it.

Pros Cons
Motor is good for the sizeCutting bar is shorter than most
It is a very lightweight trimmerFront guard is opaque
Cord retention system reduces accidental unplugging
The build quality is great

Our Verdict

If one major problem you have had with other trimmers is your hands getting tired fast, then you should really consider this one. Its weight means you can spend a lot more time with this.

As long as you’re not trimming giant shrubs, you should be fine despite the length of the cutting bar here. Its low-price tag also makes it a great choice if you need a hedge trimmer for your yard or garden. If you run a trimming business, this might not be the best primary trimmer though.

The warranty on this lasts 2 years and thanks to it being Black+Decker, you’re less likely to need the cover. But hey, if their product quality fails you, you’ll have this for the first couple of years.

You won’t have any disappointment with how this performs. It is small, but it packs a real punch.

Corded vs Cordless Hedge Trimmers

You can operate hedge trimmers either manually, with gas, or by plugging them in with electricity. If you decide to look at just the electric ones though, you’ll find both corded and cordless choices.

So, you’re probably wondering. What benefit do you get from using either? When should you choose one over the other?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a cordless hedge trimmer over one with a cord:

  • A cordless hedge trimmer frees you from the restraints of a socket. Some hedges might be in a location that is a tad inconvenient if you’ll need a socket handy. Sure, you can use an extension cord but those can make things messy.
  • There’s no risk of anyone tripping! It’s plain and simple! The more cord you have, the more likely it is for someone to snag on one of them and possibly get hurt.
  • Too much cord can make working a little tough. When a hedge trimmer has a cord holder like the Greenworks model, you can prevent accidental unplugging or the cord getting in the way of your arm.

But this article is about corded trimmers though. So, what are the reasons why you’d want to choose a cord over the freedom of none?

  • You can essentially work for an unlimited amount of time. A cordless hedge trimmer works off a battery, which can be incredibly convenient. However, there is only so long that a battery can last. When plugged in, you don’t need to worry about charging. You can continue working for as long as you need to and this means you’ll get the job done faster.
  • You get more power. The more power a battery-operated hedge trimmer uses, the shorter the amount of time you’ll be able to use it. In general, as a result, they tend to be a bit more conservative with the strength of their motors. A corded trimmer draws straight from the mains, so that is never a problem.
  • The hedge trimmers can be built to be more lightweight. Everything you find in a corded trimmer is in a cordless one. And then add a big hefty battery. That’s a significant weight increase. Fatigue is one major issue that long use of hedge trimmers can cause. You want to make sure it is as light as can be. This is one area where cordless ones excel.


So, corded trimmers may seem rather similar but there is a lot that differentiates one model from the next. They all come in different sizes and getting one depends on exactly what you need to get done.

The Toro hedge trimmer is perhaps my favorite, and top, item on this list. It ticks all the boxes very nicely. It comes with a powerful 4-amp motor and the longest cutting bar on this list. Despite this, it costs the same as two other trimmers on this list, which is good value.

Besides that one, the Black+Decker model is extremely solid if you need one that is inexpensive yet very effective. It will almost definitely get the job done exactly as planned thanks to its power. The lightweight means that fatigue will be less of a problem.

The slender WORX hedge trimmer is another great option. This one will work fantastic in pretty much any household. If you need a hedge trimmer that handles beautifully, this is the one for you. It won’t disappoint! It looks good at the same time.

It is all up to you to find out which of these corded electric hedge trimmers fits what you need it for best. If you can’t figure that out, then you can try any of those that I just mentioned above. They are all very solid models!

Well, not that we’ve said all of that, you’ve come to the end. Thank you for reading in this far! How about you take a look at some of our related articles below?