Anyone who regularly works with a pressure washer knows how important performance is.

An issue with pressure, functionality, or even manoeuvrability can quickly ruin a whole day’s work.

If you run a business, it’s important to be working with one of the best commercial pressure washers.

However, choosing which pressure washer is perfect for your business is the tough part. That’s what this article is here for.

You might need something portable for a warehouse or smaller space. Or maybe you need something with hot water to remove grime like a pro. For that reason, each of our recommendations is based on our ‘awards’ for the best product for different use cases.

This list has something for almost any kind of commercial use.

Ready? Then let’s dive in.

Best Commercial Pressure Washers

Best Trailer-Mounted Pressure Washer

NorthStar Trailer-Mounted 4000PSI Power Washer

When you need the power that hot water brings to the table, this Northstar Pressure Washer is a great choice.

At 4000PSI, you get one of the most powerful pressure washers that you can buy. It operates with hot water, meaning it’ll do an unbeatable job of clearing the toughest grime off hard surfaces.

A pressure washer this powerful finds its best uses in commercial cases. There’s rarely anything household that will need such power (or justify that price). Businesses that offer cleaning for surfaces like roads or heavy machinery should consider this model.

For places where access to water is not sure, all you need to do is hook this up behind your vehicle and tow it. And thanks to the 200-gallon water tank, you can bring enough water to get the job done with you. Plus, it’s gas-powered. So electricity is never a worry.

This NorthStar comes with a 150-foot hose so you can park your truck and get harder to reach areas easily. Those remote jobs that need the best of hot water cleaning are the reason they build machines like this.

Pros Cons
200-gallon tank allows for almost an hour of washing at full pressureNeeds a battery for startup, which is not included
Included hose is longAssembly takes a few hours
Metal lockbox is good for equipment
The trailer has rear lights and suspension

Our Verdict

This NorthStar direct drive pressure washer is perfect for jobs in isolated places. The trailer it is on will take off-road travel like a champ.

You’ll get a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer when you buy this. The actual pump only has 90 days, which is important to know. Considering the price, that may seem like a bit too little. With proper maintenance and care, it should last long enough to make your money worth it.

There are some issues with its O-rings failing at higher temperatures. So, keep some spares on hand at all times. The lock box makes that very easy to do.

If the O-ring and warranty aren’t issues, this does great for industrial and commercial uses.

Best Quality Commercial Pressure Washer

Simpson 3600PSI Gas Pressure Washer

This pressure washer from Simpson makes a perfect balance between portability and power. This makes it a top choice for almost any kind of commercial work.

Carried on a good-looking aluminum frame, the engine and pump of this washer are powerful. These can push up to 2.5 gallons of water out every minute, with a max pressure of 3600PSI. That is very impressive considering its size.

It comes with 4 nozzles which are easy to change out. These give you a lot of choice in your spraying patterns. Together with the pressure washer’s mobility and a 35-foot hose, you’ll reach anywhere. It’d be nice if it was a little longer though.

It is not a trailer-mounted washer and you can roll it around like a wheelbarrow. With the large, rugged wheels it has, you can move over many terrains very easily.

Pros Cons
Aluminum frame is lightweight and durableA longer hose would have been nice
10-inch tires make this easy to move over rough groundPackaging is very flimsy.
Very powerful for its size
Assembly is not complicated

Our Verdict

This washer is not the smallest you’ll ever see but neither is it the biggest. This makes it very easy to move around while packing serious power for its size.

You’ll get a solid warranty with this. 3 years on the direct-drive engine, 5 on the pump, and 10 on the frame. The accessories only get 90 days however.

Many users have issues with starting the engine up on this one, which is important to keep in mind. It may need close to 10 pulls before it starts up. Once it does, it is a great washer.

For a washer that can work commercial, residential, and industrial jobs, this might be the best bet. And it comes at a great price for that too.

Best Hand-Carry Commercial Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean 1350PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Weighing in at only 43 pounds, this electric pressure washer is super portable. You’d be right if you said that 43 pounds isn’t exactly light. True, it isn’t. But for a pressure washer, it sure is!

The power cord for this is 35 feet, which makes it longer than the included hose, at 25 feet. I’d prefer a hose that is longer than the cord. But hey, thanks to its portable build, you get effectively 60 feet of range from the power source.

By going electric, AR was able to make sure that this pressure washer is essentially a pump that you can carry. Despite how compact it is, it can pump out almost 2 gallons per minute at up to 1350PSI. You can adjust the pressure as needed.

Its size and cold-water cleaning means that you shouldn’t expect this to ace industrial work. It’ll work great for homes and lighter commercial work.

Pros Cons
Portability is a major plusThe hose is short
Very quietUser’s manual is not detailed
Simple to use

Our Verdict

If space is a concern or you need something small and electric, then this is a great choice. Its size means you can take it anywhere.

This model works great for light jobs like vehicles or surfaces that high pressure can hurt. It doubles well for commercial and household use because of this.

The blue casing for this is plastic and is not very durable. You should treat it with as much care as you can manage. Especially as the limited warranty is only for a year. It does not include the pump and items that can wear down like O-rings and seals.

For lighter use, such as a car wash or window-cleaning business, this is great. It will have a harder time going at tough surfaces like driveways and decks due to the low max pressure.

Best Heavy-Duty Commercial Pressure Washer

NorthStar Trailer-Mounted 4000PSI Power Washer

This power washer does not play around. Once you set your eyes on it, that much is clear. It is a trailer-mounted model, and it is big. This is overkill for smaller settings.

This 4000PSI washer is capable of spraying up to 7 gallons per minute at that pressure. That’s truly heavy-duty! With this kind of pressure, it is great for washing industrial equipment. This includes large factory machinery and construction vehicles.

It has a 525-gallon tank, so once you fill it up, you have a lot of water available for work. It can heat water close to boiling point, so it is tremendous for deep cleaning! Those germs won’t make it out alive!

Its industrial appeal increases when you find out that it can take two wands at the same time! You still get 4000PSI, though only 3.5GPM with two operators. But think about it. A hot water washer is already faster at cleaning than a cold water one. Then when you add two wands to the mix, cleaning gets done half as fast.

For factories in need of a power washer, or cleaning services that need the same, this is a great option.

Pros Cons
Tank capacity is hugeVery pricey
Two wands can make work faster
Both hoses are 150 feet
Max pressure is high, even with two wands

Our Verdict

Maxing out at 4000PSI, even with two wands, that pressure gets saved for the hardest surfaces. Max pressure should never get used on lighter things like cars! Even if it looks like it is completely made of mud! It can strip your car paint off, so start pressure from the lowest and build up if it isn’t enough.

You get a 2-year warranty on this. Though it is a limited warranty, it’ll likely cover everything likely to quit out before that time. The one major thing it doesn’t cover are the tires, so you may need to replace those about a year in.

You’ll be able to move this big machine out into more remote areas, but be careful on rougher roads. The weight of the trailer and the lack of suspension means you’ll need to be careful.

If your cleaning needs are in heavy-duty settings, this belt-driven big boy will leave you with a smile.

Best Lightweight Pressure Washer

Sun Joe 2300PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The only other electric pressure washer on this link is good for light work. If you need something with a bit more force to it, this Sun Joe model is a capable one.

To get this going, all you need to do is plug it in and get your water source. The extra stress that gas-powered pressure washers cause isn’t worth it when you don’t need that level of power. For cleaning decks and vehicles, this pressure washer is plenty.

You get 2300PSI out of this lightweight machine, which weighs about 46 pounds. That’s pretty good for such a lightweight pressure washer. It only does up to 1.48GPM which is even less than the tiny AR up there. This will take its time with heavier grime.

Speaking of grime, it has a detergent tank onboard and you can adjust the soapy mixture with its dial. It doesn’t have much force, neither is it heated, but this will help cut through oils.

The hose is only 20 feet long, and the cord is 35 feet. I’d prefer if this was a bit longer, especially from the hose side, but you get what you pay for. Did I mention this is the cheapest pressure washer on the list? Great if you’re just starting off!

Pros Cons
Detergent tank is a nice touchThe hose is short
Lightweight and easy to moveGPM is low
Total pressure is admirable for the price
Assembly is easy

Our Verdict

If you need a lightweight, affordable, and basic pressure washer, this is the top pick.

It doesn’t have any fancy bells or whistles, but it pulls it weight well for the price. 2300PSI is pretty good, though the flow rate is on the low side.

The hose is short, but you’ll get about 55 feet away from a power outlet. You’ll be able to work out in the driveway or backyard.

If you’ve just opened a business, this makes for a good first model to start with. It’s reliable and easy to use. Plus, you get a 2-year warranty. It is a limited one, but it will help keep your mind at ease.

Direct Drive vs Belt Drive Pressure Washers

These terms refer to how the pressure washer uses the engine to drive the pump.

If the pump is directly attached to the engine, that is a direct drive pressure washer. If it is separate from the engine, but connected with a belt and pulley system, it is a belt drive washer. This only applies to gas pressure washers. The 525-gallon NorthStar power washer is the only belt-driven one on this list.

They each have their pros and cons.

Direct Drive

Belt Drive


Cons Pros


Cheaper The pump’s weight strains the engine more Pump is isolated from vibrations More expensive
Build can be more compact Vibrations pass straight to the pump No pump weight gets placed on the engine The belt system loses some energy
More RPMs means more heat and vibration Lower RPMs mean less heat and vibration Belt mechanism will need maintenance
Generally last longer

All the mention of vibration and heat here is simply because these are two things which speed up wear. The more you have of these, the shorter the lifespan of the machine.

Pressure Washer Buyer’s Guide

Buying a pressure washer can look tough if it is your first time. This buyer’s guide should be a dream come true for you! It’ll mention all the important specs so you can understand exactly what they mean. In the end, you should be able to pick out a pressure washer by yourself!

Electric vs Gas

This is a major factor which is probably why it is easy to make a decision on this.

A gas pressure washer will work pretty much anywhere, but you need to buy gas, of course. Plus, with engine maintenance, that’s a lot of extra money. However, they are pretty much the only option for areas where electricity is not available.

You can use an electric pressure washer anywhere where there’s an outlet to plug it into. This makes it perfect for household use. They are also quieter and lighter. They are typically more affordable and built for lighter jobs.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

This is the volume of water that the pressure washer pushes out every minute. A higher number means you’re getting a larger jet of water. Of course, the more water that comes out, the more area you get to clean. This tends to be more effective (well, if the pressure is the same that is. More on that below!).

Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)

This is the force with which the water comes out. This is the major factor in a pressure washer’s action. Have you ever tried to block half of a faucet or garden hose with your finger? The stream gets smaller, but comes out with more force. That’s because you increased the pressure by creating a smaller nozzle.

Now, imagine you could keep that pressure, but with the stream remaining the same size. With a higher GPM, you can do that. That’s the relationship between these two numbers for every pressure washer.

Cleaning Units (CU)

Like I mentioned above, Cleaning Units are a direct relationship between both GPM and PSI. All you have to do is multiply them! This shows how effective a pressure washer is at its max settings. The higher the number, the better. A huge stream at high pressure will have the most cleaning power, think about it!

Direct Drive vs Belt Drive

We’ve already talked about this! Check out the table above!

But basically, if you’ll be using your washer every day, go for a belt-drive engine. It is better in the long run.

Water Temperature

Hot water cleans much better than cold water. It softens hard mud and cuts through thick grease better. This is why the NorthStar power washers above are great for tough cleaning jobs. It also kills germs with the high temperatures, leaving the surface cleaner.

However, hot water can be bad for some surfaces. It can melt some types of paints and plastics, so be careful. It can also break glass in cold weather!

What PSI do professional power washers use?

There are so many PSI ratings out there for pressure washers. Most are adjustable so you can get exactly the pressure you need, but their maximum PSI ratings vary.

Once it delivers more than 3000PSI but less than 7000, it is a professional pressure washer. Household use alone does not need such high pressures. We reserve these for use by professionals in commercial or industrial settings.


It is very important for you to know exactly which pressure washer to buy. A small machine like the blue AR above won’t be a good choice to clean tractors. Meanwhile, one of the NorthStar models is too much for car washing. Each washer has its best use cases, which I made sure to mention above.

For me, the Simpson 3600PSI pressure washer is a great choice overall. It puts out great pressure at up to 2.5GPM. It is small enough to move around by yourself, and large enough for serious punch. It’s easy to put together and has a very solid build.

The electric AR Blue Clean is another good option, though its small size limits its power. The NorthStar 200-gallon model is great for industrial work, but its size limits its portability.

After everything has been said and done, it is up to you to choose the pressure washer that you feel is best for your uses! Hopefully this will prove a great help in achieving that!

Thank you for sticking around to the end! Take a look at some of the related articles below to keep learning! Thank you for sticking around to the end! Take a look at some of the related articles below to keep learning!