The 4 Best Commercial Patio Heaters to Keep Everyone Warm

Researched & Written by Craig

There’s nothing that will get people inside quicker than a cold breeze – so keep your outdoor space warm and comfortable with a fantastic patio heater. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor seating area, good heaters will keep it useable throughout much, much more of the year.

Especially if you’re a business owner, the extra income that a well-heated outdoor space will provide means an investment in good heating will quickly pay for itself!

Patio heaters come in three main types. The first two are propane tower heaters, and pyramid heaters. These both use propane gas to power hot flames that heat the surrounding area. The other main type is an infrared wall heater.

In this article, I’ve provided 4 of the absolute best commercial patio heaters that you should consider for your space. Since propane tower heaters are the most used, there’s a top and a best value recommendation – alongside the best models for both pyramid and infrared heaters.

Not sure what type to consider? Here’s a quick run-down of the advantages:

Propane Tower Heaters (Reviews #1 & #2 below): These heaters are pure bang for your buck. Place them in the centre of a seating area and let everyone enjoy the heat that radiates from them. These are relatively cheap, easy to set-up, and can run from a standard 20lb propane tank. No electricity required. They’re a great go-to option if you’re just looking for a great heat source.

Propane Pyramid Heaters (Review #3 below): Pyramid heaters are tall, impressive looking pyramids with a tall flume of dancing flame inside. Some are up to almost 8-feet! These are more expensive, but are much, much more of a talking point. Their unique looks are inviting and help to create a real atmosphere. Their heating power is about the same as a tower heater. They do take a bit more effort to assemble, but you can’t beat them in terms of looks.

Infrared Wall Heaters (Review #4 below): The most common option for smaller spaces, a wall-mounted infrared heater is the electric option here. Infrared heat isn’t affected by wind or weather, and the heater doesn’t need a propane tank or connected gas line – just plugged in. The heat works by heating up options directly, which all then heat up the surrounding air. They’re fantastic for small spaces (even indoors), often with remote controls or on-the-wall power buttons.

After hours of researching the best outdoor heaters, my top recommendations are below. I hope by collating all of the best information and models in this one article, that this quick guide will be a useful resource that will save you time, and help you find the best model for your purpose.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best of the best commercial patio heaters!

Full Reviews - Best Commercial Patio Heaters

Best Overall Propane Heater:
Golden Flame 46,000 BTU [XL-Series]

The top dog for all-around quality and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to propane patio heaters – this Golden Flame model is my top recommendation.

In short, it ticks every box you could ever ask for, with a fantastic value price point. It’ll keep those around it happy, without hurting your budget.

The model pictured above is part of a brand new 2019 ‘XL’ range. These are just model numbers; they don’t stand for ‘extra large!’.

That said, at 89 inches tall with 46,000 BTU of heating power, this heater is no pushover. It’ll comfortably heat an area of around 8ft – with one reviewer saying it kept their party of 20 warm throughout the night!

Speaking of pushovers… it’s also physically not one of them. This 2019 range has a sand reservoir in the base so you can add up to 25lbs of weight. It’s also got tip-over safety shut-off.

The heater’s got a great design that’s available in a wide range of colors. There’s an option to suit any kind of space.

The finish is of stainless steel and a powdered coat which will endure even the worst weather untouched. Though I do recommend picking up and using the matching cover for overnight protection.

Finally, the mobility wheels make it a cinch to get these heaters into the right position. Especially useful if you’ve already got 25lbs on sand in there!


Pros Cons
Fantastic design + range of colorsNot as cheap as Amazon's model below
Bang-for-your-buck price point
Brand new range; state of the art features
Packs plenty of power
Has a small 'table' for drinks or snacks

Our Verdict

I truly believe this model will provide you the best of both worlds. Amazing comfort and heat from a powerful heater, at a very fair price for a quality product.

While the warranty is only limited to 1 year, there’s extremely cheap ‘Protection Plans’ on Amazon (link below) that will fully insure each heater for up to 4 years. Definitely worth it if you appreciate the security and peace of mind.

Overall, it’s hard to summarise things better than this heater ticks every box.

You can get cheaper models, but in terms of all-around quality – from the looks, to the feel of the powdered coat, to the warmth it radiates – it’s unbeaten in value for money. Plus the small table is such a nice added touch to hold drinks or snacks.

The perfect option for a serious outdoor entertainer who loves guests to feel at home in quality surroundings.

Best Value Propane Heater:
AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

Amazon's cheaper model. Almost as good, but less durable.

This model is a classic example of a large company trying to outdoor a product manufacturer.

It’s like Walmart doing their own pasta – but with a patio heater. In a lot of ways it means you can get practically the same thing for a discounted price. Check out their selling points in this quick video:

Sound’s great, right? They have tried to make an exact copy of the Golden Flame heater above. It’s the same height, same BTU capacity, same propane tank, tip-off safety switch, mobility wheels, sand reservoir – everything! Except the price.

On the surface, you get the exact same heater model for a much cheaper price. In fact, it’s even the #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Commercial Patio Heaters! (at the time of writing).

So why isn’t it on my top spot?

Well, to put it simply – they cut a few corners. Mostly in the materials.

While the Golden Flame model is made of pure stainless steel, the Amazon model isn’t as high quality. In fact, the material and paint around the heating flame tend to wear off after a lot of uses. This can leave you with warped metal, and burned, flaky paint.

It’s almost the only down-side, but it’s quite a major one. Who wants their friends and guests having to dodge flakes of paint, or look at a rusted heater?

Unlike the Golden Flame model, the paint near the flames tends to burn and flake off after a while.That being said, the heater still functions completely fine. Aside from long term durability, it can stand toe-to-toe with the Golden Flame in about every other area. All for a much cheaper price tag.

Pros Cons
#1 Best Seller on AmazonLess material quality (paint can burn)
Huge Colour RangeLower average satisfaction (4/5) than Golden Flame (4.7/5)
Unbeatable Price
Fully Featured

Our Verdict

If you’re after the best value commercial patio heater – this is probably it.

Since Amazon manufacturer it themselves, you’ll enjoy a highly discounted price for what is almost the same model as the leading brand.

However, just be aware the materials aren’t ordered to such a high finish. It may degrade in areas the top model wouldn’t. That being said, it’s got the same features, power, and functionality – so it’s a steal if you’re not so bothered about a bit of rust.

There’s a ton of colors to choose from, and being the #1 Best Seller for Patio Heater’s on Amazon is still a massive statement. A great ‘for value’ option.

Best Pyramid Commercial Patio Heater:
Golden Flame Pyramid Heater

Nothing's more eye-catching than an almost 8-foot flame holding heat machine.

Pyramid heaters are amazing because they’re so unique. There’s nothing else like them.

Sure, Patio heaters are a bit more bang-for-your-buck. But if you want your space to look classy, incredible, and inviting? The tall flames of these pyramid heaters will have you covered.

And when it comes to the best model – Golden Flame have done it again.

(Feel like I should say no, we’re not sponsored by Golden Flame! Or anyone. They just really do make the best patio heaters for these types).

Their focus on quality has again made them come out on top. The materials are durable and heavy, and the glass tube is ‘extra thick quartz’, rather than most models which just have thin 2-PC glass.

The quartz glass tube, thick supports, and metal finishes mean these will last for years.

It’s been built to compete with restaurant-level units which cost up to triple the price of this model.

The same perks that are on their patio heater are present here. It’s got huge heating power (41k BTU), tip-over protection, mobility wheels, and runs off a standard 20-lb propane tank.


Pros Cons
Huge talking point. Almost 8-feet tall!High price point
41k BTU of heat productionCan take time to assemble
Fantastic material quality
Full featured - safety switches/wheels

Our Verdict

Standing at 94″ with long, bright flames dancing in the middle – these pyramid heaters can’t be missed. They attract so much attention.

The price tag is much higher than the tall propane heaters above, but the uniqueness is something you can’t put a price on.

If you’re looking to entice customers into your outdoor area, or just want your patio to be “the” talking point among friends – then these pyramid models are an ideal solution.

Best Infrared Commercial Patio Heater:
Muskoka Sunwave

Hot, clean, weather-proof heat.

That’s exactly what the SunWave provides.

It’s infrared heating at a huge level of quality.

Able to handle a range of uses, the three temp settings, included remote control, easy mountability, and ability to work indoors make this heater so versatile. Not to mention it doesn’t need any fuel – only to be plugged in.

The focus on this model is definitely quality and power. The dual heaters produce up to 3000W of heat, which can be felt up to 15 feet away!

The material quality is also outstanding. It’s rated IP65, which is the highest possible rating for standing up to harsh weather conditions. You’ll have absolutely no worries if a dust storm or rainy season hits – these heaters will last and last.

You’ll really take advantage of how infrared heat is unaffected by weather or wind.

They’ve even made sure the case is of solid aluminum/stainless steel. Not only are these super resistant, they absorb a ton of heat to also act as a secondary heat provider once hot.

Pros Cons
3 settings + remote controlHigh price point
Quality material finishes to lastNot as eye-catching as real flame
IB65 waterproof/weather rated
Full powered - up to 15' range

Our Verdict

The price for this whole package of benefits isn’t low – it’s about the same as the fantastic pyramid heaters and double the patio heaters.

But when it comes to versatility and plain old ease of use – you just can’t beat this SunWave infrared heater.

It makes the most out of every advantage of infrared technology. Durable, weatherproof, easy to move, and powerful. All while being incredibly easy to use, and barely taking up any space.

The link below takes you to the fully powered model pictured above. If you’d like to see a less powerful (and much cheaper) version which is half commercial half residential – check it out on Amazon here.

Lastly, if you’d like to see more options for electric patio heaters, I’d like to humbly recommend my guide to electric patio heaters. Check it out here – it’s a free 1,800 word guide!


Deciding on the right patio heater tto warm up your outdoor space can be a tricky decision.

There’s different types, different looks, and different functionalities.

That said, I hope this article has shed some light on the best options from each heater type. The two propane patio heaters are the two best and most common heater – amazing for great value. The pyramid heater is a unique but incredibly classy model for those who’re looking to build some atmosphere. And finally, the infrared model is subtle but quality to quietly add plenty of heat to any area.

If you’re still stuck for choice, my last suggestion would just be to check out the best selling list of Outdoor Heaters over at Amazon.

Have a great day!