Tired of always grabbing beers from the kitchen?

Or maybe you just want to relax in your favorite room with cold drinks on standby?

A good beer fridge is an amazing appliance. One of those that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Always having beer to hand is a magical thing.

Finding the right beer fridge for your space can be a challenge, though. There’s plenty of options – different sizes, different functions, different manufacturers and brands. Which one to get?

This is especially tricky if you want to place your bottles and tall cans upright.

That’s why I’ve written this guide. I’ve spent hours researching the best beer fridges for bottles, and condensed them down to this top list. I’ve recommended the best beer fridge in terms of:

  1. Overall
  2. All-Rounder
  3. for the Money
  4. Commercial/Tall
  5. Cheapest (while still being high quality)
  6. and a Wildcard option at the end.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for? Don’t worry.

Before the full reviews, I’ve thrown together a quick buyer’s guide which covers what makes a great beer fridge. By knowing which features you want, you’ll know which model is perfect for you.

Looking for a Quick Recommendation?

If you’re a bit impatient and just want to know the absolute best beer fridge for bottles, then here you go.

In my opinion, the NewAir Beer Fridge (pictured below) is the top dog. 

My absolute top recommendation for a great beer fridge.

Close up of design

Designs like this make the fridge such a great talking point with friends.

It’s got everything you could ask for:

  • Plenty of storage space (126 normal-sized cans)
  • Adjustable shelves (allowing for 3 shelves of standing bottles)
  • Compressor cooling to freezing point (32F/0C)
  • Great build quality (stainless steel doors)
  • LED interior lighting
  • & Outstanding customer satisfaction

But there’s a problem!

With so many great models out there, this fridge really stands out because of its looks. It’s got a fantastic ‘Beers of the World’ embossed graphic which really makes it stand out.

However, the design is a limited edition. Which means it may be gone by the time you read this!

If you love the look as much as I do, check the stock on Amazon via the link below. If they’re all sold out, don’t worry. There’s plenty of other great options in the full reviews below.

A Quick Buyer's Guide to Great Beer Fridges

Knowing which model of fridge to buy can be tricky. So before we get into detailed reviews, I just want to touch on a few important things to keep in mind.

By knowing what’s important to you, it’ll make it easier to know which beer fridge belongs in your home. One of the top things to think about is temperature.

How cold can a beer fridge go?

Beer fridges can bring their temperature down anywhere from 50F(10C) all the way to freezing point (32F). However, colder isn’t always better. I don’t think anyone wants a frozen beer! Depending on the type of beer you like, you’ll want your fridge to be at a different temperature. In general the darker the beer, the warmer the ideal temperature.

Serving beer at too cold a temperature can actually ruin the flavor. At cold temperature, less carbonation is released which stops the proper aroma. It also numbs your palate so you can’t taste the deeper flavors! We may as well just drink ice water at that point.

Check out the ideal temperatures according to Randy Mosher – world renowned beer expert:

The right temperature can unlock a ton of extra flavor. Source – Randy Mosher; Beer Author & Expert.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Beer Fridge

  • Size – How many beers will you ever use in one go? How big a party will you throw? Try to estimate the amount you’d use, and buy accordingly. Remember that to store bottles and tall cans upright will typically mean losing one shelf to get the free height. This means only using 75% of the capacity. (If they say 100 cans, expect 75 bottles in a countertop-sized model).
  • Temperature – Make sure it goes to the temperature you need. If you’re not a lager fan, you may even be able to get away with some dual-zone wine coolers since you don’t need it so cold.
  • Built-in/Freestanding – Is the fridge to be built into your kitchen or wall? If so, it needs different ventilation. Typically, these models are expensive than freestanding equivalents, which are made to stand solo and vent out the back.
  • Build Quality – A proper beer fridge should have a double-pane glass door that protects the beer by deflecting UV light. The door should be made of stainless steel surrounds. Anything less than these just isn’t worth your time – they’re standard on modern models.
  • Child Lock – Sometimes this doubles as a way to ‘seal’ the door shut, but if you’ve got kids you definitely don’t want them sampling your 9% Belgian beers! Look for hexagonal indents near the bottom of the fridge – this is the standard locking mechanism.
  • Cooling System – Older models use dated thermoelectric systems. Try to find a compressor-based model for much more efficient cooling.
  • Shelves/Racks– Adjustable shelves are a must if we’re placing bottles upright.
  • Finally, make sure the price and looks are to your budget and your liking. There’s plenty of options out there – and some of the best are coming up below.


The Best Beer Fridges for Bottles - Full Reviews

Best Overall Bottle Beer Fridge:
LANBO Compact Beverage Refrigerator

The tall height makes it perfect for bottles.

Although in the Quick Recommendation section I suggested the NewAir, it’s not precisely the best fridge for bottles.

This one is.

Compared to other fridges, it’s much taller. As if it’s been stretched upwards – which is perfect for bottles.

Off the bat you can fit 3 racks of bottles in there, and some spares laid down on the top shelf (as pictured).

It didn’t take the quick recommendation spot because the NewAir’s a better all rounder, but if you want quality – this is your fridge.

At 34 inches high it’s perfect for counterheight, and the looks will fit right in to any modern kitchen.

LANBO are specialist manufacturers when it comes to beverage refrigerators. This is one of their smaller models – with the range extending to huge wine cooler systems.

So you know you’re in good hands.


Lanbo are specialists when it comes to these appliances. Check out the massive wine coolers!

The modern features are all there – including digital touch controls, security lock to stop any kids getting in, and adjustable shelves for maximum versatility.

Pros Cons
Tall height is best for bottlesMore expensive than the next two models
Made by specialist manufacturers
High level of build quality
Internal fan system

Our Verdict

If you’re in the market for quality over value, this is the best standard sized beer fridge for bottles.

It’s tall height is perfect for the job, and the whole appliance just speaks quality. On everything. From the doors to the touch controls, it’s built to a great standard.

The internal fan system helps keep an even temperature all around to guarantee an even temperature.

Plus, it can work built-in or freestanding. Whatever works best for your space.

All-in-all it’s a definite top recommendation. It does come with a price tag, but if it’s in your budget, it’s worth it.

Best All-Rounder Beer Fridge:
NewAir Beverage Cooler

Totally unique design - a great talking point with friends.

I don’t even need to mention the key selling point of this beer fridge.

Yes, it’s built to a great standard.

Yes, the adjustable shelves give you plenty of bottle space.

Yes, the temperature goes all the way down to freezing – the lowest there is on any beer fridge.

And yes, this all comes at a great price point.

But come on! That design!

It’s limited edition. It beer-based. It looks great. It’ll fit right in anywhere.

This fridge will not only keep the cold beers flowing, but it’s huge character will enhance any good space. It’s such a unique design, and it’s out for a limited time only.

Normally with things like this, the design is a gimmick and the product kind of sucks. But not here. I’ve checked it out and this fridge is top-notch. It would be on this list regardless of the looks.

The capacity is good, the shelves are adjustable, the interior is LED-lit, and the material quality is solid. All for a great value price tag.

Pros Cons
Awesome, unique designHonestly none, unless you don't like the design.
Solid build quality
Outstanding (4.5+/5) customer reviews
Great price point.

Our Verdict

Design fawning aside, this beer fridge is a great option for bottle storage.

With adjustable shelves, you’ll get at least 3 racks of bottles in there. It’s got unbeatable cooling if you’re after super-cold ones, and it ticks every box from the buyer’s guide.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get a great all-rounder beer fridge . One which is guaranteed to add a ton of character to any space.

Best Beer Bottle Fridge for the Money:

Amazon's #1 Bestselling Beer Fridge (at the time of writing)

This beer fridge is the #1 rated Best-Seller on Amazon (at the time of writing). And for good reason.

It’s a fantastic all-rounder, which is currently on a great deal with $80 off. Very similar to the NewAir above, it’s a more ‘professional’ looking model with only 0.2 cubic feet less space.

It’s also got digital controls, interior LED lights, and adjustable shelves to let you set it up for beer bottles.

Pros Cons
Amazon Best-SellerA little bit smaller than the NewAir
Great price pointNot quite as cold as the NewAir
Professional looks
Outstanding customer satisfaction

Our Verdict

When a model is a Best Seller on Amazon, there’s always a good reason why.

In this case, it’s that this fridge is just a damn good beer fridge!

It’s got plenty of space, plenty of features, and plenty of satisfied customers.

I personally put the NewAir just above it – they have a similar price point but this doesn’t have a unique design, is slightly smaller, and doesn’t quite go to 32F.

Those are all minor factors, though. Overall, this is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a quiet, capable, proven beer bottle fridge with a professional design.

Best Tall Beer Fridge:
EdgeStar VBR440

For the ultimate capacity.

Have these beer fridges not been enough for you?

Do you need MORE?

More space?

More power?

Then you want a commercial model. And this EdgeStar Tall Beer Fridge is one of the best.

It does cost a pretty penny – but so does any appliance of this size. While it is over $1,000, though, you do get a ton more space.

Almost triple, in fact, compared to the other fridges on this list. With 11.2 cubic feet of storage here, you’ll have enough room for a block party, let alone a few friends coming round.

Pros Cons
HUGE amount of spaceHuge price point
All modern features includedCurbside delivery only
Even includes a temperature alarm

Our Verdict

I wanted to cover all types of beer fridges in this list. And that meant the big ones, too.

After a lot of research, this is the best tall beer fridge – in my opinion.

It packs PLENTY of space, and has all the same features of the other modern models on this list.

Lockable, digital controls, LED lighting, forced air cooling – it’s all there.

If you’re after a commercial option, or just have an army of friends – this should be the answer for you.

Cheapest Beer Bottle Fridge:
KUPPET Beverage Cooler

Small, but able to hold two bottle racks.

Jumping to the opposite end of the spectrum now. The cheapest quality beer fridge out there.

At just 10% (ten percent!) of the EdgeStar price, we have this KUPPET model.

It’s small, but it’s mighty.

For bottle storage? Take out the top shelf and you’ve got space for 2 racks of upright bottles. Plenty for a great night with some friends.

The small size means you can have it anywhere. In a cabinet, on top of a counter – even on a TV stand next to the TV!

It’s a fantastic option if you’ve got limited space and love a cold beer.

The temperature does only go to 37.4F (3C), but that’s more than enough for most beers.

The design is professional, with stainless steel on the door and light-reflecting glass. Despite being so small, it even has levelling knobs on the base.

Pros Cons
Mini size makes placement easyLower capacity
Still a quality, fully functioning beer fridgeWill lose coldness quicker if door opened frequently
Comfortably fits two racks of bottles

Our Verdict

If you’ve got a small space and a big love for a cold beer, this mighty but miniature beer fridge could be your answer.

For an insanely low cost, you’re getting a fully professional fridge. UV reflecting glass, stainless steel doors, digital controls – everything.

PLUS it’s got adjustable shelves, letting you have two racks of beer bottles.

It’s a fantastic solution for anyone budget conscious that isn’t going to need more than a case of cold beer at a time.

Wildcard: Best Beer & Wine Fridge:
Antarctic Star Wine Cooler / Beverage Fridge

Beer AND Wine? We're in for a good time!

Last, but not least. I couldn’t not include this model.

Sometimes, a cold beer isn’t enough.

Sometimes, we may need more. Or perhaps have someone who’s a wine lover.

Well, this fridge is genuinely the best of both worlds.

There are a lot of dual-purpose fridges out there, but I’ve chosen this one because it’s the most similar to a beer fridge.

And the shelves are the perfect height for upright beer bottles, and laid-down wine bottles.

Be aware – the one drawback is you can’t keep your beers too cold. Since we’re talking wine, the lowest temperature is 40F (4.5C). Which is still plenty for a properly chilled beer.

The standard of the fridge itself is outstanding. There’s a soft blue LED light which makes the wine look gorgeous, and stronger UV protection on the glass to back up the wine.

Surprisingly, the price tag on this ’26 Bottle’ model (linked below) is about the same as the best all-rounder beer fridges. Those I recommended above.

So if you’re a wine lover, you’ve genuinely got nothing to lose by thinking about an option like this one. The best of both worlds.

Pros Cons
Perfect for storing beer AND wineChills to 40F only (4.5C)
Professional looksAlthough it looks it, not for built-in installation
Natural shelf heights for bottles
Extra strong UV protection on glass
Great price point

Our Verdict

This beer and wine cooler is a fantastic alternative option for those with a little more ‘refined’ taste.

The classy black style combines so well with the soft blue internal lighting.

While it’s brand new on the market (summer 2018), it’s got fantastic customer satisfaction – and for good reason.

The quality is top-notch all around. And while the temperature isn’t quite as cold as a beer-only fridge, it’s definitely enough for both beer and wine.

To be honest, the price point on this one is an absolute surprise. You pay practically nothing for the privilege of storing both wine and beer, compared to the fantastic all-rounder beer fridges at the top of this list.

It’s classy, it’s incredible value, with a great design, and it stores wine. What more could you ask for?

Related Questions

How many beers can a mini fridge hold?

The amount of beers a fridge can hold ranges from just 6 for the smallest mini fridges to 120 cans for countertop height fridges. To store bottles upright takes more space – losing a shelf. So approximately 90 bottles instead of 120 cans (75%).

Can you put food in a drinks fridge?

Yes, you can use a drinks fridge just the same as a normal fridge. However, remember that the temperatures can be a lot different. Beer can be stored colder than food, and wine typically warmer.

Can you use a wine cooler for beer?

Typically, wine coolers bottom out at around 40F. Even then, that is on the extremely cold end for wine. While you can definitely place beer in a wine cooler, you probably will have one of them at too cold/too warm a temperature. As a solution, you could set the cooler to 40F, and just let the wine warm up slightly before drinking.


Beer fridges are amazing additions to any living spaces.

Not only are they super handy and functional, but they look fantastic, too. They really say: “this room is made for relaxing – make yourself at home.” Especially if you’ve got bottles and tall cans on display, front and center.

Perfect for home parties, barbeques, or just relaxing alone and watching TV.

I hope this guide has helped you find the best beer fridge for you. If you’re still not sure, be sure to check out more bestsellers on Amazon.