For many, a garage is a place that is known to be cluttered especially for those who have got a lot going on. Frankly, most have a lot going on in the garage and it is always the same story. The garage mess starts small, then in no time you find yourself in a cluttered garage that you no longer fancy. So, how do you organize a messy garage? How do you declutter your garage? Well, we have compiled some amazing ways to help you organize a garage making it easy for you to move around, find the tools you want faster and create more space for you what you love! Let’s get started, shall we?

Garage Ceiling

That ceiling space is one brilliant space that shouldn’t put to waste in your garage. Basically, all you need is to create a garage ceiling is plywood and some heavy duty plastic bins. Just cut the lumber, assemble the flanges and mount them to the ceiling joists then fit the plastic bins. Now let’s do some math. If you can fit in two 14-gallon totes on your ceiling then you have created 28 gallons extra space which you can use to store things like camping gear, ornaments and other light items you rarely use in your garage. Amazing, right?

Make Slat Wall Storage For Your Tools and Equipment

Slatwall panels and accessories are some of the best garage organizing systems you can use to declutter garage space. Commercial panels can be tailored to fit your needs by simply cutting to the right size and using the accessories to hang things like garden equipment, toys, bicycles etc. What we love the most is that you can add other panels whenever your needs scale.
Did we also mention that you can make your own slat wall storage if you are into DIY? Yes, you will only need a table saw and router table, a nice guide and you are good to go. Here is a nice tutorial to guide you through.

Slice PVC Pipes To Hold Gardening Tools

Depending on the type of wall you have in your garage, you can cut and recycle waste PVC pipes to create slots that can hang your gardening tools. Just slice PVC pipes that have diameters that fit well with the handles of the gardening tools, then mount two or more slices vertically so that it can support the gardening tools on the walls.

Move Your Tools Using A Caddy

If you are one of those looking for how to organize tools in a workshop, then this one option you will love. You can get creative with peg wood and boards to make your own portable storage for the smaller tools your garage. Jessica from Moms4Real has a nice tutorial for the DIY caddy. She used 96″ X 48″ and two 2X2 boards to create a portable caddy. She cut the former in half, which she then split into two more pieces each, using a Ryobi circular saw. She also cut each of the two 2X2 boards in half then glued and screwed the peg wood on top of the pieces thus making a cubic caddy.

To finish it off, she turned it upside down and added casters to every corner before fitting in hooks and pegboard containers to hung tools. You can get more insights about this DIY garage project here.

Use a Wire Wall basket and Storage Cart For Sports Gear/Equipment

If you and your family members are into sports then you can keep your sporting gear and equipment all tidy using a wire ball basket or a storage cart. Of course, you can go for both if need be and you can always find them on Amazon or any other sports store around you. With this, you will certainly avoid having balls rolling around your garage floor.

Store Spray Paint Using A Shoe Organizer

Whoever thought you could use a shoe organizer for hanging spray paint? Cassie from Hi Sugar Plum found a good use for a shoe organizer and it is something you could use in your own garage, as well. We are talking about hanging spray paints on the garage wall using the pouch. This should save you from overbuying, keep in mind that you can always see what you have with you, what you need and what will fit well. You can learn more about this DIY spray paint organizer here

Beam For Garage Attire

Just like in the bedroom, you also want to keep your garage attire well organized and this is quite easy. Why not have a simple beam and use it to hang everything from wet jackets, aprons, and other garage attire you use? You can create this one by mounting brackets on existing shelving in your garage. It can even be used to hold a fishing rod if you love fishing!

Keep Screws and Nails in Containers

Of course, you have some old containers with you somewhere in your garage and you don’t have to throw it away. You can recycle them and use them to store things like screws, nails etc.

Use a Foldable Worktable

Worktables are essential in garages but they can also consume a lot of your invaluable space. But, what If your worktable could be folded when not in use? A cool idea, right? In fact, this is something you can do on your own. You can simply design one short edge of the workbench in such a way that you can fold it upwards when you don’t need. Let’s just say, you can make your workbench to be somewhat similar to an ironing board. Here is one foldable worktable you can draw your inspiration from.

Use Shelves

Last but not least, there is the old trick out of the book. Using shelves. Shelves are everywhere from the kitchen, living rooms and even your bedrooms so why not use them in your garage. This can come in many shapes depending on what you want to place on the shelf and the amount of space you have at your disposal. For instance, you can go for simple shelves(those that can be conjured up using wood and brackets) or you can create a towering garage storage towers at one corner of the garage. You can even go as far as fitting a shelf just above the garage door.

Final Remarks

That’s it! A few smart ways to help keep that garage neat. The beauty is that these garage storage ideas are very easy, and you don’t need to be an expert handyman to figure your way around them. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and organize your garage on a tight budget!